World Food: 20 Best Dishes

Some people prefer to spend their time and money on material possessions such as expensive watches with diamonds or cars, but there are some who have wanderlust. Moreover, a person chooses a place to visit depending on his or her taste preferences. And, as you know, every country has its own charm, culture, and taste. Cuisine ̶ is what really makes each country unique.

As, for example, Canada is famous for its gravy and cheese covered french fries, Australia has potato wedges with immaculate sour cream and sweet chili, Japan has prominent puffer fish sashimi. Italian food is really the one satisfying, without being heavy even when we talk about black truffle pizza, and what a pleasure it is to eat Hong Kong peanut butter french toast or delicious hazelnut macaroons that France offers us.

Is your mouth watering now? If not, be sure it will. Take some minutes and read about 20 best dishes known all over the world


1. Massaman Curry, Thailand

This dish is told to be a king of the dishes. It may be because all the Southern Thai curry is very spicy, sweet and savory at the same time. “Massaman Curry” sauce is not like anything else. This sauce is made from coconut milk and crushed peanuts that make it taste so unforgettable.

2. Neapolitan Pizza, Italy

Every country restaurants offer us a big diverse of recipes with all sizes, toppings, and ingredients.

The Neapolitan pizza is prepared with very simple ingredients: a basic dough, several raw tomatoes, fresh basil, olive oil, and fresh mozzarella cheese as the main ingredient there. And the one you should remember there could not be fancy toppings. If there will be, it would be not a Neapolitan pizza.


3. Sushi, Japan

Nowadays sushi is widely available everywhere and it is not considered to be a luxury food anymore. A raw fish and rice are told to be a perfect marriage, which is a thousand times better than other fried or baked dishes. For you to know, it may be prepared at home or bought in the very expensive restaurant.

4. Chocolate, Mexico

Needless to say chocolate is not only the world-wide known dessert which could not be compared to anything else, it also has various health benefits. Both for body and mind. Moreover, chocolate decreases stroke risk, reduces the likelihood of a heart attack, protects against blood inflammation, reduces the risk of diabetes, has a great impact on your skin, but the main is that it tastes really good.


5. Peking Duck, China

If you have never tried it you are really missing one of the great culinary delights all over the world. This is one of the best-known dishes in Hong Kong and, because of that, many restaurants offer their guests this dish. It is said that really good Peking duck should have crispy skin and less in fat. It should be cooked in the flavor of the combinations of wood.

6. Hamburger, Germany

Hamburgers are traditional well-known and loved lunch dish. This dish is so popular because of several facts. First of all, it is really inexpensive food. It cooks up fast and what is more, can be cooked in endless delicious ways. But, keep in mind, that it is not a secret that hamburgers maintain a lot of fat and are known as one of the most unhealthy food.


7. Tom Yum Goong, Thailand

It is one of the most famous Thai dishes. Tom yum Goong is prepared as a base of the soup. Its main ingredients are shrimp or pork. There are also many herbs such as lemongrass and kaffir lime leaves. All these ingredients together make such a tasty hot and sour soup.

8. Ramen, Japan

This dish is originally imported from China. Now is one of the most popular dishes in Japan. It consists of wheat noodles, which are served with meat or fish broth. As a rule, it also includes dried seaweeds, green onions, and menma.


9. Ice Cream

Nobody really knows where is the birthplace of ice cream, but it is one of the most available and tasty frozen snacks. Its main ingredient is milk and that’s why ice cream is mass-produced and is a favorite children dessert. Even adults can’t stay aside from this simple, but very tasty dish.

10.Lasagna, Italy

It is one of the oldest Italian kinds of pasta. Traditionally, this dish is made of several lasagna sheets, accompanied with cheese and meat. Keep in mind, the sauce is one of the most important ingredients so do not forget to make it.


11. Corn on the Cob

This dish is of uncertain origin. However, it is the simplest dish on this list, and one of the most delicious. For you to know the only ingredients you will need are water, salt, black pepper, and butter. Instead of melted butter, you can pour oil inside.

12. Piri-Piri Chicken, Mozambique

This dish is really very delicious one. Its specialty is that moist chicken has spicy marinade. Being very spicy, it can be a really good decision for those who want his food to be extremely hot. Just add more bird’s-eye chilies and your chicken will be a true work of art.


13. Donuts, United States

Donuts is world spread food dessert which is prepared in various forms and can be homemade or purchased in supermarket or food stalls. Traditionally, it is served warm with a little honey or jam and plenty of powder sugar.

14. Satay, Indonesia

This is the dish of barbecued or grilled meat always served with sauce. It is originated on the Indonesian island Java and, because of that, has special local charm given by various spicy seasoning.


15. Pierogi, Poland

Nowadays, pierogi are also known as varenyky. This dish is famous in many countries and it is even considered as a national dish in some of them. There is a big variety of fillings: potato, cheese, and even berries. It is also a good dessert at the holiday table.

16. Kebab, Turkey

Traditionally kebab is made of lamb or mutton. Moreover, this dish is served with vegetables and even with fruits. Moreover, it is popularly eaten as a starter or snack. Its main advantage is that the kebab is easy to prepare and delicately flavored, which make it so popular all over the world.


17. Lobster, Spain

Lobsters are associated with big occasions or celebrities parties as this is an exquisite cuisine. Of course, it is not a cheap food and you cannot afford to eat them every day for dinner as you used to eat chicken or lamb, but it suits perfectly for special events and tastes really good.

18. Croissant, France

Deliciously light and crispy with this glorious smell down the morning street. What could be better for your breakfast? Of course nothing else apart from this viennoiserie pastry named for its crescent shape. It has perfect flaky texture and fillings for everyone’s taste.


19. Chips and Fish, England

This is common takeaway food all over the world. It is served hot and consists of fried battered fish and hot potato chips. This meal is told to be the one that crosses all the boundaries of culture and a status as it is not only sold by vendors at the street but also sold as a delicious dish in the most upscale restaurants.

20. Green Curry, Thailand

Creamy, aromatic and flavor-packed ̶all this is about a green curry. They say that this dish gained its name from its color as fresh green chilies and kafir lime leaves turned dish color into the beautiful green. However, it is not only famous for its color, but also for its taste, which suits perfectly with prawns, fish, and chicken.