Which Countries Eat The Spiciest Food?

Spicy food is consumed in many countries but some do it far more than the others. Why is it so? The answer can make you wonder. Most countries with the spiciest food have a hot climate and spicy food helps to cool their bodies down. Apart from body cooling properties, spicy food spoils less than plain food. We decided to come up with a list of the countries with the spiciest food in case spicy food lovers want to visit such countries. The list will also enable any spicy food lover to find hotels in their area that have a spicy cuisine.

1. India

The question which country has the spiciest food is mostly answered with India. Is it true? Yes. India has been discovered to have the spiciest food. It could compete with Sri Lanka but India will always win. Their spiciest food is Phaal curry.

What would you think if you enter a kitchen and find a chef cooking dinner while wearing a mask? You’ll probably warn everyone that the food is toxic. This is, however, the reality of cooking this dish. When you enter the kitchen, you’ll, probably, be choked by the Bhut Jolokia that’s usually used to cook the curry. It’s the hottest chili in the world. Even the chronic spicy food lovers might bail on this one.

Other spicy foods that feel like you have sweet hell in your mouth are pork vindaloo, kozhi curry, chili beef, Bhut Jolokia curries and chutneys, chicken 65, Kolhapur chicken, Madras curry, Andhra chili chicken.

2. Sri Lanka

This is one of the countries with the spiciest food which maybe more impacted by the historical spice trade route in their country. You could ask for food which could be plain and normal in temperature but the accompaniments tend to be lava hot.

One of their spiciest food is Kottu rotti. This street dish is made of godhamba roti, meat, vegetables and an insane amount of spices. Some people choose to have it less spiced, but the original kind is dare devil hot. This spicy food is available in many big cities which have a considerable Sri Lankan native population. Another insanely hot Sri Lankan dish is Kukul Mas curry.

3. Mexico

Mexican cuisine makes it seem as food without chilies is just not a good food. They use a variety of home-grown chilies and you can sort of pick your poison every time you want some spicy food. Among all countries with spicy food, this one ranks somewhere at the top.

Mexican tacos could be somewhere you can start while choosing which degree of spicing you’d like. However, if you want to head straight for the hottest you can choose pozole as your poison. It consists of chilies, garlic, onion, cabbage, avocado and salsa in a stew served when hot. If you are a spicy lover, the sight of the stew only will send your taste buds crazy.

4. China

Although not all parts of China love spicy cuisine, provinces like Hunan, Yunnan, Sichuan and Guizhou consume one of the hottest foods. They even make up for the whole country’s reputation ranking it among the top countries that have the spiciest cuisine. Their spicy foods include dan dan noodles, Ma po tofu, saliva chicken, gan guo and Hunan spicy beef. That’s not the whole list, but it could be a great start that will blow your mind and obviously your mouth.

5. Thailand

Thailand is one of the top countries with the spiciest food. One of their spiciest dishes is nuea phat phrik which can feel like lava flowing in you. Except this feeling is exhilarating for spicy lovers. Other spicy delicacies from Thai food include Khao Pad Nam Prik Narok, Pad Ka Prao, Tom Yum Kung, Laab and Tom Klong Pla Grab. These are just the tip of the hot iceberg.

6. Tunisia

Seems like coastal countries enjoy the spiciest cuisine more than plain dishes. Tunisia is another home for spicy delicacies. Spicy foods like Harissa and ojja are the most common. One can choose the degree of hotness in the spicing, but a larger population prefers extremely hot. Their spicy foods are native but others are versions of foods that originated from other countries.

7. Malaysia

The Malaysian people like their food when it is spicy hot. Otak-otak is the top spiciest food they have. The name is derived from its looks like that of brains. Well, they enjoy this dish in its hottest state and also the same for other spicy foods like roti canai and chili sesame prawns.

8. Ethiopia

Back to Africa again and Ethiopia’s spice loving nature stands out at the mention of its name. The food in this country resembles that of Syria. Many locals like it hot depending on the degree they can handle. Sik sik wat is one of the hottest dishes that will instantly be a treat for spicy lovers. This is one of the African countries with the spiciest food.

9. Bhutan

Bhutan foods are definitely not a joke when it comes to spice content. They are bordered by India so that could be some reason why they have spicy cuisine as one common quality. They consider peppers as vegetables rather than spices. That shows you that tying their ema datshi dish could be the bravest thing you’ve ever done.

10. Jamaica

Jamaica could be added to your countries with spicy food list if you’d like to visit. Many dishes have lots of spice incorporated, but the jerk chicken takes most of the chilies in this country. The dish comes too hot so that it has to be served with coconut milk on the side in order to sooth the burning. It’s enjoyable that way.


A list of the countries with the spiciest cuisine can be longer but it is best if you get acquainted with the serious spice eating countries above. Trying these hot and sweet dishes could give you the hero tag unless you are a spicy food eating pro already.