What Eastern Europeans Eat for Breakfast

If there is anything that will keep your body intact the whole day, it will be breakfast.  Breakfast is always the most important meal of the day. It is what starts and defines your day. Whether these are delicious rolls or sweet pancakes, they are those things that give us a good head start for the whole day. But what do you know about the breakfast in Europe? What do Europeans eat for breakfast? Do you know that the omelet is the main as well as the most typical European breakfast in many restaurants and hotels of Eastern Europe?

What is a European breakfast?

People who live in the western part of Europe, usually take very snappy breakfast like a piece of bread with a cup of coffee or tea. In the Eastern part of Europe, people usually have a completely different approach to breakfast.

In the eastern part of Europe, people love a hearty breakfast because they believe in having quite a lot in the morning and very little in the evening. In general, food in Eastern Europe is very delicious. But each country has something especial that makes its cuisine unique. So, here are some of the most popular foods that are eaten for breakfast in Eastern Europe.

romanian breakfast

Romanian Breakfast

The traditional breakfast in Romania usually includes fried eggs, scrambled eggs, cucumbers, tomatoes, bread, feta cheese, and cold nuts. Romanians also have yoghourt tea and fruit juice for breakfast.

Hungarian Breakfast

The cuisine is Hungary is very tasty. Hungarians cook very delicious food, but they do not actually take much when it comes to breakfast. Most of the time Hungarians’ breakfast consists of any combination of rolls, bread or pastries with sweet or savory fillings, butter, sausages, cheese, tea, jam, and honey. They sometimes have their tomato-pepper stew called “lecso”. There is another one called “kakaos csiga”. This one is a spiral shape dough that is swirled with chocolate.

hungarian breakfast
russian breakfast

Russian Breakfast

In Russia, “oladi” and “syrnyki” are the most popular dishes for breakfast. They taste like French crepes but for the allure of the cheese. Bread is part and parcel of every Russian home which is usually accompanied by cured sausage or butter and sliced smoked fish. Russians also eat porridge made with buckwheat groats, millet, but they do not often eat oatmeal, though it is considered to be a common dish for breakfast in Russia.  They love tea but do not take a lot of coffee. Tea is their favorite drink. Typically, they also love crepes called “nalysnyky” or “bliny” – the Russian term, which is sometimes used for the same French crepes.

Polish Breakfast

Poles love to eat bread and rolls in all manner and it is a sure thing to find it on their breakfast tables. They call breakfast “sniadania” which consists of an open-face sandwich. There is another well-known food that Poles used to eat for breakfast. It is called “kanapka” or “zapiekanka”. It is made of “kielbasa”, cold cuts, meat spreads, tomatoes, and sliced pickles. In Poland you can find hot oatmeal, muesli or breakfast cereals with milk or eggs prepared in any form like scrambling it with bacon or sausage, hard or soft boiled, just anyhow, they will still eat the eggs. They also take jams called “powidla” or plum butter called “sliwkowe”.

polish breakfast
slovak breakfast

Slovak Breakfast

In Slovakia, you have to expect to meet a hearty breakfast which will include vegetables, jam and honey, cold cut, sausages, sometimes cereal or yoghurt, boiled or fried eggs and most especially bread of different sorts.

Breakfast in Bulgaria

The basic Bulgarian breakfast is called “Banitsa”, served for breakfast with plain yoghurt, “Ayran” or “Boza”. Whether it is served hot or cold, it is always tasty. Banista is usually prepared by layering a mixture of whisked eggs and bits of cheese between filo pastries and then baked in the oven. Breakfast can also consist of meat or fruit purée, open face sandwich, sweet or savory pastry with cheese. Bulgarians adore cheese, thus, it is a common dish for their breakfast. “Burek” is the other common dish, which is often taken with a cold glass of milk.

bulgaria breakfast
breakfast in belarus and ukraine

Breakfast in Belarus and Ukraine

Some Eastern European countries such as Belarus and Ukraine have breakfast tradition, which is very similar to the one of Russia. They also like to eat a large breakfast like lots of other countries in Eastern Europe. Their food is quite similar. They eat porridge made with buckwheat goats, millet but not much oatmeal. They take tea as their favorite morning drink but do not take a lot of coffee. It is a common thing to have an open face sandwich, topped with sliced sausage, cheese, and tomatoes.

Breakfast in Macedonia

The Macedonians, like the Serbians, take most often sweet and savory pastry that is often filled with cheese and meat or fruit purée with jam and bread. Their popular breakfast is called “kifli”, which is made of yeast roll made into a crescent shape with some sesame and course cheese. 

breakfast in macedonia


Each country has its own traditional food. Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day. Eastern Europeans have a wide variety of dishes they cook for breakfast. Each of them is delicious and unique. So, if you have a chance to visit one of the above-mentioned countries, you need to try their traditional European breakfast, which will definitely leave you indifferent.