The European diet has evolved throughout the years; it is very diverse as Europe is home to many ethnicities and races. The diet depends on where one is living, whether one lives in Northern Europe such as Scandinavia or Southern Europe, near the Mediterranean such as Greece or Italy.

Europeans tend to enjoy their food, especially in Italy and France and take their time when eating. It is considered a celebration. Europeans are known for having healthy and fit bodies. They are in excellent shape.

What Is A Typical European Diet?

A typical European diet consists of quality produced food which is made with the highest standards. The diet is based on bread, fruits and vegetables as well as meat and cheese. Europeans love their cheese and are sure to have cheese on their tables for every meal.

Europe produces organic fruits and vegetables and produces the highest quantity of wine and olive oil. The food portions are kept at a reasonable size. Europeans tend to walk a lot and usually cycle to places such as in the Netherlands and Denmark.

The culture in Europe emphasizes quality of food and great care is taken to cook their meals.  

The Ultimate European Diet Plan

If you are looking for the ultimate European diet plan, then you have come to the right place. The emphasis of the European diet is on olive oil, seafood, beans, legumes and poultry. It is the perfect combination to get the right amount of all the nutrients needed. Europe is located in a perfect location to take advantage of all the seasons, meaning all types of food are easily available.

The importance of the diet is placed on natural sources and lean meats as it helps ensure good health and provides protection against strokes and diabetes. The diet is paired with a lifestyle of active body movement such as walking and cycling from one place to another.

The Typical European Diet particularly consists:
Huge amounts of vegetables such as spinach, cucumbers and tomatoes which help keep your body hydrated.
Huge amounts of fresh fruits like oranges, grapes and apples.
Lots of legumes, nuts and beans are incorporated into the diet.
Whole wheat and oats as well as brown rice are preferred.
Olive Oil, Cheese and yoghurt are used extensively for their meals.
Wine is consumed on a daily basis.
The diet is packed with healthy fats and vitamins as well as minerals. It is low in sugars and high in fiber.

European Diet Vs American Diet

European diet is comparatively far more superior to an American diet. An American diet consists of high saturated fats due to fast foods eaten in huge quantities. There isn’t much of a vegetarian diet in America.

The food in America comes in huge sizes which for a typical European could be eaten by two people. The highly greasy fries and carbonated drinks are harmful for your body. There is a lot Americans can learn from their European counterparts.
The European diet focuses on quality, whereas an American diet focuses on quantity. There aren’t many food options available in America for following a European diet. Health conscious people have started to understand the importance of a European diet and have started to incorporate olive oil and legumes as well as nuts into their meals.

Majority of Americans spend their day driving around in their cars unlike Europeans who walk about and even walk for leisure. This leads to various health-related diseases such as piles and cholesterol.

Healthiest Food

Europeans are well known for their healthy food. They can thank their government friendly policies which help to ensure their food is of the finest quality. It is a good decision to opt for European produce.

When it comes to the healthiest food across European, one may argue that Italian cuisine is by far the healthiest. Italian food is a celebration of gastronomy. The food is prepared with the finest ingredients and is easy to eat as it contains plenty of fiber from vegetables such as tomatoes and plenty of cheese. The food is phenomenal and out of this world.

The Food Is High In Protein

There is plenty of protein in a European meal and for good reason. Protein is one of the most important components needed by every cell in your body, as your hair and nails are made up of it. The protein is used by your body to help with building and repairing the tissues. It helps to produce enzymes and other chemicals needed.

It is the building block for your bones and skin. There is a reason why Europeans have such beautiful skin.

How Long Does It Take For Your Body To Digest Food?

It is imperative for us to understand how long it takes for our bodies to digest food. Science shows that an average person may take up to 3 hours to digest the food they have consumed. As you grow older, your metabolism starts slowing down and it may take even more time for the food to be properly digested.

Do not overeat as it is linked to many diseases, it is far better to eat less than to eat more.

Master the Art of Moderation

No matter which diet one follows, it is important to keep in mind that moderation is key, when it comes to eating food. Do not overdo it. Try to have a balanced diet of seafood and poultry and pair it with fresh flour and whole wheat.

Drinking alcohol in abundance is harmful for your body, turn your drinking quantity down. It is always better to have keep alcohol intake in check.

Follow a Balanced Diet

A balanced diet is your answer to all health issues. Getting the right quantity of nutrients is essential for you to stay healthy. Incorporate a European food based diet for best results. Try having lots of yoghurt and cheese with your meals.