Ukrainian Breakfast Food

This is very important to start a day with a good breakfast. As you know from your childhood, breakfast should be nutritious and healthy. With such breakfast food, you feel full of energy for the whole day. Besides, it should be the main food intake in your daily ration. That is why you need to pay special attention to breakfast. First of all, the breakfast food should be full of vitamins. You need to choose only healthy and delicious products. Keep in mind that the right breakfast increases the working capacity on 30%. If you do not like to cook, there is no need to worry. To make your breakfast healthy and delicious you do not need special skills. Simple breakfast can become the culinary masterpiece. You just need to use your fantasy.

You can start your day with the glass of lemon water. This is very good for your stomach and metabolism. This prepares your stomach for a delicious breakfast.

What Do People Eat for Breakfast in Ukraine?

The main traditional breakfast is an omelet. This meal is rich in vitamins A, B, D, and E. For a simple omelet cooking you need: eggs, water, pepper and a little salt. But you can use all the ingredients what you like for the filling, for example: sausages, tomatoes, mushrooms and others. The cooking of an omelet does not take a lot of time. You need 7-9 minutes and your breakfast is ready.

A lot of people think that the most healthy breakfast is porridge. For many people, porridge has become classical breakfast. Oatmeal is good for your health because it is rich in vitamins. However, there are a lot of people who do not like to eat porridge. If you do not like porridge you can add different fruits for example bananas, raspberries, cherries, strawberries, or apricots to it. It will make your ration more interesting and delicious.

Buckwheat porridge is also a good choice for breakfast. It is rich in proteins, magnesium, and iron. This type of porridge is more healthy than others. Besides, buckwheat is good for people which worry about the weight and want to keep a shape.

Elderly people prefer corn porridge. This porridge is easily digested. This corn is rich in vitamins of group B. It is recommended for people with a sedentary lifestyle.

Cottage cheese is a good solution for breakfast. You can add to cottage cheese all that you like. Use fruits for example cherries, bananas, strawberries or apricots. If you like a sweet breakfast you can add a little honey. Besides, you can cook cheesecakes. Cheesecakes is an ideal breakfast. The main ingredient is, of course, cottage cheese. The receipt of cheesecakes is very simple. You need eggs, flour, butter, a little salt, and sugar. You can eat cheesecakes with jam, sour cream or honey.

Almost every person likes sandwiches. This is one of the most popular Ukrainian breakfasts. For a lot of people, the word “sandwich” associates with unhealthy and harmful food. And it is not very strange. People like to eat a sandwich with mayonnaise, ketchup, fat sausages and others very harmful products. But your sandwich can be healthy and at the same time delicious without all these harmful products. You just need to cook a sandwich with healthy products such as tomatoes, cucumbers, eggs, mushrooms, meat, cheese and a lot of others products. There is a big variety of sandwich recipes. The most popular sandwich is the one with tomatoes, meat, and cheese. Besides, you can make a sandwich with cucumbers, eggs, and tomatoes. It really tastes delicious. You can use all the products which you like to make your sandwich perfect. Moreover, you can cook it with all the products which you have in your fridge.

Some people like pancakes for breakfast. This is a traditional Ukrainian meal. For this meal, you need flour, sugar, eggs, milk, and oil. You can use different types of flour for the cooking of this meal. There is a big variety of fillings. For sweet pancakes, you can use honey, cottage cheese, apples, cherries, raspberries, and other fruits. If you prefer salty fillings you need sausages, meat, tomatoes, cheese, mushrooms, cucumbers and other vegetables. Besides, you can eat pancakes with jam or chocolate.

Why Is Breakfast So Important?

First of all, a good breakfast provides a good day. You feel more active and confident. With delicious and healthy breakfast food you are full of energy for the whole working day. It improves your concentration and memory. If you are worried about your weight then breakfast is very important to you. Only at breakfast, you can eat what you like for example some sweet cakes or something else because morning calories have never turned into fat. Besides, a good breakfast provides a wonderful mood and day. Even if you are not hungry you need to make yourself eat at least one sandwich or a small portion of an omelet. If you make yourself regularly eat in the morning it will become your habit and breakfast will become the part of your daily life. Moreover, you should avoid night snacks. It will improve your daily ration and increase the feeling of hunger in the morning.


Keep in mind that breakfast is the same important habit as the brushing teeth. You need to choose only healthy and delicious products for your breakfast. Different porridges are very good ideas for breakfast. Sandwiches with healthy products is a very good breakfast for the whole family. A traditional omelet is also a wonderful choice. Cooking of an omelet does not take a lot of time, only 7-9 minutes. To make your breakfast more delicious and interesting, use of your imagination and fantasy. Add some fruits to porridge and pancakes. Use special fillings for an omelet to make your breakfast more interesting. Besides, you need to avoid unhealthy products not only for your breakfast but also for your dinner and supper. Healthy ration improves your mood and, of course, provides a wonderful day with positive emotions only.