Traditional European Food from 10 Different Countries

One of the most visited continents in the world is Europe. Europe is known for its diversified culture, cuisine, ancient history, and art. Whether you are interested in arts and history or a romantic getaway, Europe is perfect for all sorts of people.

Most importantly, people are attracted to the different traditional cuisines that they can try there. Every country has different taste and flavor that will leave you craving for more. With so many choices, it gets challenging to choose the traditional dishes. In this article, we have listed the traditional European foods you should try.

potato dumplings

Potato Dumplings

The traditional European food that will leave you craving for more is Potato dumplings. This is a popular dish in Austria. Preparing this dish is extremely easy. The dumplings are made from plain dough. It can be based on breadcrumbs, flour, or potatoes. It is a famous side dish for many main vegetable and meat dishes. As the name suggests, the potato dumplings are made using potato and salt.

Flemish Stew

One of the best Western European foods you can easily make at home or you should try next time you visit Belgium is Flemish Stew or Vlaamse stoofkarbonaden. This cuisine is special because of its perfect blend of sweet and sour. The Flemish Stew dates back to the medieval times. This dish is cooked using several ingredients, the main are Flemish brown beer, beef, and onion. The most important ingredient of this cuisine is the beer. The Flemish beer must be soaked in oak barrels, which provides it the sour taste.

flemish stew


Turkey is one of the best culinary destination in Europe with different food and taste. Some of the most famous European dishes include shawarma, doner kebab, pastirma, and Baklava. This is the most famous dessert in Turkey that is enjoyed everywhere in the country.

The dough of this dish is prepared using wheat, flour, and eggs. for the filling, pistachios, sugar, milk, and semolina are used. For enhancing the flavor of Baklava, melted butter is poured on the Baklava before it is baked.

Cardoon in Almond Sauce

A traditional European food that is served mostly on the Christmas Eve is Cardoon in Almond sauce. It is a famous dish from Spain consisting of Cardoon (artichoke thistle), pieces of pork belly prepared in the almond sauce and garlic. So, visit Spain to try this traditional dish.

cardoon in almond sauce
cabrito assado no forno

Cabrito Assado No Forno

It is the main dish that is served in Portugal at a family gathering, especially at Easter dinner. The special thing about this dish is that it is cooked in a wood fire oven. In this dish, the goat kid is kept on the bay stick grill over broth and rice. The uniqueness in flavor is obtained from the meat juice that falls on the rice while it is cooked.

Schwarzwalder Schinken

This is among the best food in Europe. It is a special dish from the German Black Forest. The main ingredient in this cuisine is ham. For many years, it has been prepared in the Black Forest area. The recipe of this mouthwatering dish is passed down from generation to generation.

The specialty of this dish is that it used the leg of pork. For adding more flavor to it, salt and herb are used. Moreover, it is smoked using fir wood, to make the meat luscious.

schwarzwalder schinken
cannoli siciliani

Cannoli Siciliani

This country needs no introduction, Italy is a famous country for many things, from pizza to pasta, fashion houses to Venice, and Colosseum to Leaning Tower of Pisa. It offers some of the most delicious and traditional dishes.

One of the traditional dishes apart from pizza is Cannoli Siciliani. It is cooked using tube-shaped shells of fried pasta. This is filled with sifted sheep ricotta along with chopped extra dark chocolate, vanilla, pistachios.

The most essential ingredient is the Marsala wine; it enhances the flavor of this dish. Before it is served, chopped pistachios are used for garnishing the dish in Catania. On the other hand, in Palermo, candied orange peel is used for decoration.

Hamburger Steak

One of the traditional dishes prepared in Denmark is Hamburger steak or also known as Hakkebof. It has been cooked in Denmark for a very long time. The preparation of this dish varies from family to family. For making the steaks, minced beef is used, and it is breaded in flour. Afterward, it is fried and served with potatoes and fried onion with gravy.

hamburger steak


Quiche is a traditional European food, most famous in France. Quiche appeared in France in 1373, back then it didn’t contain bacon. The meaning of the word Quiche is “cake”. At that time, the quiche was prepared using eggs, dough, and cream. Now, the recipe has evolved, and many variations are available. It can be easily prepared with any of your favorite vegetables, cheeses, and meats. A great thing about this recipe is that it can be served alone or with sides like soups, salads, or fruits.

Kopriva s Oriz

In Bulgaria, a traditional dish that is prepared during the feasting season is Kopriva s Oriz or Nettle with Rice. Bulgarians are known to regularly consume leafy vegetables like spinach, dock, sorrel, and nettle. One of the most used vegetables is Nettle. This leafy vegetable is popular and there are a variety of ways to cook it. Every region uses it with different ingredients to create yummilicious food. However, the best way to cook nettle is with rice, making it a seasonal vegetarian dish.

kopriva s oriz

Overall, when you are looking at food from different countries, these are the traditional cuisines that you can try at home. But, the best way to try these succulent dishes is by visiting these countries. So, add these countries to list and next time you are there satisfy your taste buds with these European foods.