Ukrainian Tea and Coffee

When it goes about hot drinks preference people are divided into two main groups, namely, there are coffee and tea lovers. European Specialities offers you both beverages that consist of organic components. Check out our immense assortment of only certified, high-quality Ukrainian tea and coffee products. The reasons to taste them at least once are below.

Scented and Healing Ukrainian Tea

There is a stereotype that only English people like drinking tea a lot. But Ukrainians are also its big admirers and they produce the exclusive and natural tea variations that contain antioxidants extremely useful for our health. Do you know that it is quite possible to reduce the risk of heart attack up to 20% if you drink two-three cups of green tea per day? This type of production will also help you to wake up even in the early morning filling you with energy. At the same time, some other sorts are valuable for getting rid of such problems like insomnia and stress. Pay special attention to herbal tea which is of huge importance providing a lot of benefits for health. For instance, camomile tea can be a super effective, organic sleep aid. Eighty women took part in the research, they drank it for two weeks. The study explored that due to this the quality of sleep was increased significantly and vice versa with the risks of depression. All the beauty lovers can enjoy ceramic tea sets with the exceptional features so to bring a genuine aesthetic pleasure.

In the country we are talking about, tea is made from dried leaves, seeds, roots, stems of plants and flowers etc. and the whole wide range of these flavors is available at our online store.

The Most Delicious Ukrainian Coffee

The history of this beverage started at the end of the 17th century. The first coffee shop in Europe originally was founded by Yuriy Frants Kulchytsky, a nobleman of Ukrainian descent. Nowadays this hot drink is the important part of everyday life allowing us to take delight in its divine taste and making us more productive for a long run.

Coffee really influences positively on the different regions of the brain. It helps to feel less tired as well as it enhances greatly the energy level, mood, concentration, memory etc. Besides caffeine can stimulate a central nervous system and sells signal to remove body fats. Because of this, it is worth having a cup of strong coffee before a workout. There are Vitamin B2, Vitamin B5, and even Vitamin B3 among the main compounds of such a drink. Coffee beans are rich in nutrients that are essential for the health condition.

All this already sounds marvellous but we would like to add that a fragrant cup of Ukrainian coffee can create the most stunning effect ever. The given yummy drink can make everybody forget many sorts of the similar products manufactured by the world-famous brands. European Specialities puts on the market the most popular foodstuff received directly from Ukraine and the impressive selection is waiting for you. We do our best 24/7 so you could get everything your heart desires.