Ukrainian Sweets and Candy

The experts say that Ukrainians have started eating sweets so much more than they used to do. And there is no surprise, their confectionery market is enlarging and improving constantly. The products by Roshen, Svitoch, Zako, AVK and many other companies will definitely impress you.

In our European food store, it is possible to find Ukrainian cookies, chocolate bars, candies, biscuits, boxed chocolates, marshmallows etc. This immense assortment, allows you to taste whatever your heart may desire. Moreover, you have a chance to treat your family members, close friends, guests with this delicious confection.

Mouth-watering Ukrainian Zefir

It is the popular product which is similar to American marshmallows. Zefir is named after the Greek god of wind, that symbolizes its light consistency and taste. This kind of sweets is also widespread in countries of Eastern Europe, for instance, in Estonia and Latvia. Often it has white or pink color and sometimes it is covered with chocolate. The given dainty is baked according to a special recipe and it consists of natural ingredients like fruit puree, egg whites, and sugar.

The Best Gingerbread You’ve Ever Tried

This Ukrainian honey cookie is also called Pryanyk. The classic set of instructions for its preparing includes rye flour, sugar, honey, butter, eggs and different spices. The product can be of various forms and filled with jam or some other sweet stuffing. Gingerbread is enjoyed by many people in the diverse Slavic countries because of its divine taste.

Gourmet Ukrainian Chocolate

The country exports this product almost all over the world. The brands that are the genuine leaders in confectionery industry in Ukraine are Roshen and Svitoch. Thir production have the rich range of flavors and the interesting combinations of them make this food taste amazing.

Boxed chocolate has gained its popularity on this land too. Without any doubt, you can make everybody a little bit happier with such a present. It can always be a nice addition to the main gift and at the same time, it’s a great compliment itself.  In general, each box consists of different types of chocolate candies, they may be of classic dark or milk chocolate, with or without stuffing etc.

Crescent cookies, honey biscuits are also favourites in Ukraine and beyond its borders. This delicious food melts in your mouth because of high butter content. There are the numerous varieties of these yummy snacks and probably every kind of them is associated with the taste of childhood, pleasant memories of this fascinating country or the strong desire to visit it.

Sponge cake is another must-try dessert that represents the mix of light biscuit sponges and different fillings. Only natural ingredients like honey, milk, the best quality cocoa powder are used here.  All the cakes with fruit stuffing including jams contain natural juices. So you get a product that is both healthy and tasty. Furthermore, it is a good idea can take it with you for the trip or picnic. It can even be a part of light breakfast. The right sweet way to start your day!

We should also mark that except the innovative technologies used now there is the place for the key traditional production techniques of old times too. The Ukrainian manufacturers revive and keep the truly magical recipes giving life to products that spread the atmosphere of this wonderful country. All sweets are made with great care and love by the highly professional and skilled specialists.

Tasteful food can produce endorphin hormone, that gives you that desirable feeling of satisfaction. There is such a food on the shelves of our store and especially Ukrainian sweets are always there to become the rescue from low mood. We are sure that each day can be made fun then. That is why don’t miss the chance to buy and try the appetizing delicacies offered at European Specialities.