Ukrainian Smoked Meat

It would be impossible to imagine Ukrainian cuisine without smoked pork meat. The diversity of products made of it is impressive and everybody can find here something unique and exceedingly tasteful.

For instance, Ukrainian smoked meat called Kovbasa (with the accent on the third syllable), is mostly liked in the Western regions of Ukraine. And it is also very popular in countries of Eastern Europe and in other ones almost all over the world.  

By the way, homemade kovbasa really seems to be one of the tastier foods in Ukraine. The word itself is a common term, that describes different kinds of cylindrical meat including sausages made of liver or different types of smoked meat. There are also fats that are flavored with a big amount of such spices like garlic, pepper and of course salt. Regarding casing, it may be artificial or natural.

By the way, Ukrainian pork sausage is always placed in the Easter basket for blessing. It is served in different ways. It can be sliced on a rye bread, fried up on a pan with onions to be served with varenyky or eaten with fried eggs and tomatoes. You can eat these juicy, flavorful and well-textured sausages without sauces or any side dishes. It is beneficial that the given type of product is ready for consumption and it can be served either hot or cold. Do you know some more foods that require zero cooking and are so tasty like this we offer?

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Enjoy your meal!