European  Specialities is a food store, where you can buy online any popular Ukrainian food like pierogies and pelmeni, for instance. They are the important part of the national cuisine. Once you try them, there will be no way back.

Pierogies or Varenyky, are made of dough stuffed with different fillings that may be mashed potatoes with fried onion, cabbage (sauerkraut), cheese and even fruits. That is why these dishes are usually the excellent vegetarian food. Still, there are many modern variations of this yummy meal and it can include chicken, pork or beef meat. The filled dumplings are popular not only on the land we are talking about but in the Central and Eastern European countries too. Ukrainian pierogies are usually boiled or fried and can be served as a main course, dessert, appetizer. People prefer to eat pierogies with sour cream but you can eat them adding any of your favourite sauces or with the melted butter as well.

Pelmeni is also the widespread and must-try meal in Ukraine and beyond its wide borders. These small dumplings are filled with meat and wrapped in the dough, that is made of natural ingredients including eggs, flour, milk or water. Lamb, beef, pork or any other kind of meat with adding the desired spices is often used as stuffing here. Mixed meat stuffing is enjoyed by many gourmets too.

Is there any difference between Pelmeni and Varenyky? The major contrast is in their size and shape, the first ones are round and they have approximately 3 cm in diameter while the second ones are bigger with the traditional semilunar form.

In our European food store, you can buy Grandma’s Pierogies and Pelmeni that are made with love and the old unique recipes are always used to get the divine taste that leaves no one indifferent.