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Popular Ukrainian food like pierogis and pelmeni are always in stock at European Specialties . They are an important part of the national cuisine. Once you try them you’ll understand why people love them.

Pierogi or varenyky, are made of dough stuffed with different fillings. The filling possibilities include mashed potatoes with fried onion, cabbage, cheese and even fruits. They are an excellent vegetarian food. Still, there are many modern variations of this yummy meal and they can include meat. Pierogis are popular not only in Ukraine but other Central and Eastern European countries too. Ukrainian pierogis are usually boiled or fried and can be served as a main course, dessert, or appetizer. Ukrainians prefer to eat pierogis with sour cream but you can eat them with any of your favorite sauces.

Pelmeni are very similar to pierogis. These small dumplings are filled with meat and wrapped in dough. Ground lamb, beef, pork or any other kind of meat is often used as stuffing.

What is the difference between Pelmeni and Varenyky? The major difference is in their size and shape. Pelmeni are round and smaller while Varenyky are bigger with the traditional crescent or half-moon shape.

In European Specialties, Grandma’s Pierogi and Pelmeni are available for purchase.

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