Ukrainian Dried Beans, Grains & Rice

Since Ukraine is focused on agriculture, grains (rice, buckwheat, spelt, millet and so on) and legumes (beans, peas) play an important role in enriching its cooking traditions. Healthy and useful grains may be a good addition to your diet. If you want to get to know about these goods, please, check out the information below.

Nutrient-rich Legumes


Ukrainian dried beans are rich in fiber, protein, iron and at the same time, the compound of fats is exceedingly low. The studies have shown that these products are the significant element of regulating cholesterol level as they do not cause any threat to its increasing even the lightest one. Eating beans you will notice that it helps to feel energetic and less hungry. Vegetarians and vegans who refuse eating products of animal origin, often prefer these ingredients to be in their food because of the high protein content they have. Above all, Ukrainian dried beans have myriad benefits. Experts say that consuming legumes 3 times per week is incredibly beneficial for our health. It may sound unbelievable but legumes prevent a wide range of diseases including even cancer and those associated with a heart.

Yellow Peas

Yellow peas belong to the same group as beans and they are rich in fiber, protein, carbohydrates etc. There is the sufficient amount of Vitamin B1 or thiamin that is needed for the correct nervous system work and improvement of the immune system. Furthermore, split peas offer phosphorus which is the main mineral involved in making bones stronger. You can add these legumes almost to any soup or salad recipe.

Whole grains

We should take care of ourselves maintaining good health. You can do this with the help of whole grains. Despite they are commonly associated with something healthy but tasteless, actually eating grains can be delicious as well if there is appropriate cooking. It really can change the situation dramatically. The given type of food is easy-to-do and has numerous benefits for the excellent functioning of an organism. Fiber is one of the major reasons to have a meal with cereals. It is recommended that an average adult should consume approximately 25-35 grams of fibrous material every day. In such a way it is possible to be full of energy for a long time. In addition, it has been proven that people who eat much grain are able to lose weight quicker.


This product enhances the quality and diversity of skin care procedure. It can cope perfectly with immune system protection. Moreover, this grain is featured with Vitamin B1 which promotes liveliness. You may choose different kinds of this product depending on your cooking needs. It is an essential part of many cuisines around the world and Ukraine isn’t an exception as any goods full of nutrients without any negative influence on your body is a great find. It to compare rice with other grains, it does not contain allergens and has antioxidant properties, in other words, it is super useful.


While the majority of people consider buckwheat to be a whole grain, it’s a seed indeed. This product becomes really popular among healthy lifestyle followers because it helps to be in good shape. If your ration contains buckwheat it can lower the risk of the high blood pressure, stabilize your blood sugar level. It is a perfect source of magnesium and copper. You can get it flour from buckwheat and then make some homemade pasta or pancakes that are not harmful.


It is a kind of grain and is closely related to wheat. Similarly, as the product above, it improves the immune system and ensures strong bones. There is also the possibility to regulate metabolism. It has been detected that the following type of grain is one of the oldest crops people know. Spelt has a lot of protein, approximately 20% of the daily diet. When an organism gets enough fiber this helps it to move food via the digestive tract, speeding up the absorption of nutrients. And this process in its turn reduces the chance of having some gastrointestinal problems like an ulcer.


It is made of millet grains of cereal and contains carbohydrates, calcium, Vitamin B, dietary iron and many other components. Usually, people eat it for breakfast. There may be the various toppings like honey, jam, cinnamon etc. If you are eager to make this dish tastier then use milk rather than water.


Millet isn’t the most popular kind of seed crop, still, it is cultivated in many countries and Ukraine uses it for fodder and human food. These grains are really the must-eat because of minerals. By the way, meals made using this product are super nutritious.

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