Ukrainian Deli Has the Richest Selection

Ukrainian cuisine is extremely diverse, widely known for its wealthy traditions. It is a significant part of the country’s lifestyle. The features of its culture have been developing for ages and nowadays every region of Ukraine has its own specialities. Believe it or not but the finest national food is really simple. The numerous traditional meals have been borrowed from neighbouring European countries and despite this the way they are made now is unique. As Ukrainians are the particularly welcoming nation, their meals are presented in generous portions and ingredients in their harmonious mix create unbelievably great tastes.

The Hugest Assortment of Meat Production

Ukrainian sausages are made of pork or beef and flavored with a big amount of spices. Regarding smoked meat called Kovbasa (the word itself is a general term and includes different types of meat sausages) is known almost all over the world because of its exclusive tastes. There are Ukrainian knockwurst, smoked pork, and beef sausages and all of them have a huge number of varieties. You can serve or consume this mouthwatering food at any time and in the various ways. Truly saying, these products seem to be among the most appetizing meals in the given country.

National Delicacy Called Salo  

This is another extremely popular Ukrainian dish, the local folklore includes many jokes, songs about it. The product is made using white pork fat, it is usually smoked or salted and can be kept for long periods of time. Salo doesn’t include meat at all (100g may contain about 800 calories) while Polish and Russian variations include pieces of meat and remind bacon. Due to its high nutrition value, salo stays to be the significant part of people’s diet. It plays such an important role for health because it consists of the diverse vitamins and minerals that are necessary for our organisms. Quite little portions are enough to reduce hunger even the excessive one. In fact, people have been consuming this type of food since the 15th century and it still remains popular. Not so long time ago the particular dessert has appeared and the main ingredient in that receipt is salo. Combining it with chocolate allows getting the very extraordinary taste and most people really like it.

It must be marked that today salo is served in different ways: sliced on the bread as a great accompaniment to varenyky, borscht or even some alcoholic drinks. By the way, every family has its own secrets that have been passed from generation to generation and prompt how to prepare this dish perfectly.

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