Ukrainian Borscht

Borscht is probably one of the most popular dishes in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Poland and many other Slavic countries but originally it has Ukrainian roots. Without any doubts, borscht is a national symbol of Ukrainian culture. There are the diverse methods of preparing Borscht: in every part of Ukraine, a hostess has her own recipe for cooking it. The majority of recipes are simple and allow to get the dish straight from the cooking pan speedy.At the same time, this soup is the unique meal. Very often foreigners order a plate of this delicious, deep-ruby, hot soup with a piece of bread and spoon of sour cream in Ukrainian restaurants. There is the interesting fact, this soup can be also served cold. Ice borscht is mostly prefered in the summertime.

Borscht is usually served as the first course because Ukrainians like to eat soups as starters very much. This meal can be cooked both by adding meat or without it. Nevertheless, it always contains a big amount of beetroots. Generally, it consists of fresh vegetables like carrot, onion, potato, parsley, garlic and white cabbage. Traditionally it has a bit sweet and at the same time sour taste.

People around the world are fond of eating Ukrainian Borsht not only due to its particular taste. Actually, it is really healthy and rich in nutrients. For this reason, it can be a daily meal. If you decide to prepare it for holiday table then it will also please your guests.  Be sure that you will get dozens of sincere compliments from them.

Shortly saying, once you try this divine meal, you will understand how the real Ukrainian’s heaven looks like. Our European food store can assist you with this. Taste something new and original shopping online with comfort. Friendly advice, the refuellings for Borscht that are made with love from Ukraine may become a great start.