Ukrainian Baking Products

In our European food store, we offer you to buy the best high-quality food supplies from Ukraine. Especially appetizing are the Ukrainian desserts as they have the unforgettable flavor. One of the main secrets for such success is the usage of right baking products. We have the appropriate wide assortment consisting of lemon acid, baking powder, pudding, yeast and others. Try them and it will be much easier to get your favourite original cakes, pancakes, pies and any other homemade yummies.

Lemon Acid for Your Best Recipes

This acid is well-known as the citric one and it may sound like a stuff that is more associated with chemistry. However, the given type of acid is weak and organic. Usually, it can be contained in citrus fruits like lemons, limes, oranges etc. The product is sold in the form of white powder extract obtained from these fruits.  The lemon acid is widely used in the whole beauty industry, for medicine manufacturing and for the numerous purposes including even cleaning. Despite all this, the acid is a common component of baking and cooking with it is truly easy. It is often used as an active organic preservative for diverse foods. Among them may be cakes, biscuits, muffins, macarons and the list goes on. As it is seen the lemon acid is really necessary at home.

Baking Powder as the Indispensable Component

It is a dry chemical leavening agent which is often added to products for ensuring the light texture and volume. This powder usually includes baking soda, cornstarch, and cream of tartar. The mixture can work as a single- or double-acting baking powder. The main difference between them is that the second one produces extra bubbles and it contains fast-acting acids. One of the biggest advantages of using this kitchen assistant is that it starts working immediately. Remember to keep this product in a cool and dry place.

Baker’s Yeast | Pick the Best One

Shortly saying, it is the combination of the strains of yeast usually used as a leavening agent for baking. There are many kinds of yeast. You may choose from fresh, active dry, instant yeast and so on. It is said that you need to put active dry yeast into warm water with sugar and if it bubbles then it is active. To be honest, there is no necessity for trying this routine. It can be added directly to the dough with the dry components.  You can use this product for preparing bread, pizza, cakes, and almost any desired baking.

Instant Pudding Is the Genuine Rescue

It is produced by adding sugar, taste agents and thickeners. This filling can be used in the diverse baked goods so it is always wise to it in your kitchen. Many various flavors are available so everybody could find the particular one that he is happy with.

All the enumerated above and even much more is waiting for you in our European Specialities. Discover your baking talent having everything you need and treat your family with the most delicious desserts ever.