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When you visit your local supermarket, you face a wide assortment of different snacks. You are going to try something new, but what to choose? Among such a wide variety, there are snacks people used to buy time after time until the time they become a go-to classic. Of course, there are beloved treats people like to purchase. However, sometimes it is better to buy something new, try a unique taste to satisfy your taste buds. 

European Specialties is an online store that offers a wide selection of different snack foods from European countries. The one we can say for sure: you will not find the same snack in your local supermarket that is offered in our store. We have gathered the most well-known and the most favorite snack food brands in Europe, the best snacks to buy that are full of fat and are specially produced to make you happy. 

What can you buy at our store?

“Artec” waffles – if you have a sweet tooth, then this product is what will make you happy. It is delicious as well as nutritious product presented in a wide assortment of different tastes. Only the best materials are used to produce these waffles. “Artec” waffles do not contain harmful ingredients or colorants, preservatives or palm oil. The secret of their great taste and crispy layers leads to high-quality wheat flour. 

“Barracuda” Fish – dried fish, is one of the most popular snacks, which are frequently served with beer. Great specific taste that will not leave anyone indifferent.

Calamari – dried squid is a traditional Russian appetizer used to combine with beer.  

Kozinak  – it is a healthy, natural and tasty nut or seeds-based oriental sweets. It is not only very delicious but nutritious too. The assortment of kozinak offered at or store includes sesame, peanut and sunflower seeds kozinak. Each of them is an excellent match for tea, coffee or cocoa.  

The assortment of snack food is impressive. Therefore, take a few minutes and browse a full list of snacks offered at our store.

So, if you decide to buy snack food online, start with European Specialties. Fast shipping and 100% satisfaction guaranteed! 


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