Original Polish Herbal Tea

A cup of fragrant Polish tea is not only enriched with unforgettable taste and pleasant smell. It has lots of health benefits necessary to stimulate the work of the whole organism. The folk medicine has been using herbs treatment for ages. It’s the most ancient and effective methods of treatment in Poland. If you feel yourself weak, aggressive or if you have some problems with night sleep, every Pole will advise you to drink this pleasant hot potion depending on the reason for your complaint or disease. In fact, there are lots of different types of Polish tea. Some of them can prevent heart and liver diseases, another stabilize and support a normal blood sugar level. A cup of herbal tea may have a significant influence on a human organism and well as on immune system support.

The thing is that above-mentioned beverage includes only natural ingredients. For instance, a wild rose that creates a wonderful view in your garden includes therapeutic properties as well. Caught a cold? The given flower can lower the body temperature and, as it was previously mentioned, it balances the general state of the organism. Another helpful and common component of Polish tea is Melissa or Lemon Balm plant. This tea has lots of prominent features, but the most impressive of them is a great capacity to provide restful night’s sleep and calming down possession. The scientists report that people drinking Melissa tea are inclined to go to bed earlier and feel themselves more collected. Another extremely useful plant is a dandelion. The interesting fact is that it is safe to eat a whole dandelion. This flower is rich in antioxidants, fiber, and vitamins. It should be noted that people also use its root to improve the function of digestive system.

Instant Polish Coffee

It is no longer a secret that coffee is one of the most popular beverages in the world. But what do we know about Polish one? The first Polish coffee shop was established by Anthony Momber at the beginning of the 18th century in Gdansk. It was a place where wealthy Poles were meeting and communicating with a cup of hot, black instant coffee. Since that time consuming this beverage has become an unchangeable and widespread tradition. Many Polish people are fond of coffee drinking culture and cannot imagine their morning routine without it. Furthermore, the recent study has shown that the Pole average adult consumes approximately 107 liters of the given drink a year.

One of the most popular of Poland’s instant coffee brands is “Inka”. Inka was developed in the late of 1960 in Skawina.  Inka is popular because it’s tasty and caffeine-free. It is exported to the United States and Canada as Naturalis Inka. What concerns Inka Naturalis, it is well-liked by foreigners because of its original and delightful gustatory qualities. In order to provide exceptional and great taste, the given grain beverage consists of only natural cocoa beans. In comparison to with regular coffee, the instant one offers a wide range of advantages such as less content of caffeine, easiness in preparing, price, etc.

What can be better than a flavored cup of tea or coffee with favorite sweets? In our Polish food department, you may find an exclusive assortment of desserts, cookies, chocolates and many other luscious sweet products. We are working to bring our customers only high-quality foodstuff.