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All You Need To Know About Polish Baking Products

Polish cuisine is known for its savory dishes. However, the desserts also impress everyone with their excellent taste. Polish cuisine has become very diverse over the years, as it is influenced by European, French and Italian cuisines.

Polish desserts keep on with all the latest trends. Nowadays, Polish cuisine is bringing back pastries as it is a classic favorite for Poles.

Here are a few Polish desserts which make good use of Polish baking products such as Polish baking powder:

1.   Szarlotka

This is a polish twist on a spiced apple-pie. The ingredients used to make this apple-pie are flour, sugar, Polish baking powder, butter, egg yolks, apples, and cinnamon. This dessert was invented by Marie Antoine Careme in the 19th century. “Szarlotka” or “jabłecznik” is a common traditional dessert in Poland.

2.   Sernik

Sernik is a cheesecake that is made out of flour, sugar, Polish baking powder, eggs, butter and sour cream. Normally cheesecake isn’t baked but Sernik is.

3.   Kutia

Kutia is a Polish pudding made out of wheat. It is more commonly served at Christmas Eve dinner. The ingredients used to cook this dessert are wheat berry, poppy seeds, milk, honey, raisins, dry apricots, almonds/walnuts, and salt.

4.   Babka

Babka is a Polish word, which means “grandmother”. Babka is also a Polish pudding that is served during Easter. It is baked and shaped in a Bundt pan . Its ingredients include milk, sugar, dry yeast, confectioners, sugar, chocolate, eggs, vanilla extract, salt, and butter. Babka bread, which is laced with rum syrup, is also often served at Easter in Polish households.

5.   Sernik na Zimno

This is a no-bake Polish cheesecake that topped with Polish jello. The name itself means “cold cheesecake”. Its ingredients include vanilla wafers, sugar, butter, cream cheese, vanilla, heavy whipping cream, Polish jello, strawberries, blueberries, pineapples and ice cubes.  Poles prefer this dessert, especially on hot summer days.

There are a myriad of other polish desserts including Karnataka (another Polish pudding) and wuzetka (chocolate cream pie). Each of them is not only flavorful but aesthetically pleasing. Visit European Specialties to purchase all the traditional polish ingredients needed to create your own polish culinary masterpieces.

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