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Canned Food 

It is not a secret that canned food is less nutritious than fresh or frozen products. Some people avoid them because they contain many harmful ingredients, while others consume canned products as considering them a part of a healthy diet. 

Because of canning – way of packing products in airtight containers-, canned products are great and easy to store. The canning process consists of the three main steps to prepare canned products. It includes:

  • The food should be peeled, chopped, shelled, sliced, boned, pitted, or cooked.
  • Peeled, chopped, shelled, sliced, boned, pitted, or cooked food should be sealed in cans.
  • To kill harmful bacteria and preserve cans from spoiling, they are specially heated.

By doing so, canned food can be safe to eat from 1 – 3 or even more years. 

Jarred Food

Would you like to try delicious snacks to come in a jar? We offer a wide assortment of your favorite products that come in jars to correctly implement any of your favorite meals and make them even more delicious and tastier than ever. We offer tremendous and top-quality food in jars from the top brands of the European market. You can easily find canned or jarred products sorted by price, name, date, popularity or rating. Just browse and find the best deals on jarred foods on sale in our store.

At European Specialties, you will find a wide choice of jarred and canned products, including canned tomatoes, mushrooms, cucumbers, green peas, cabbage leaves, garlic, and more.

Take a few minutes to explore our line of great jarred and canned products. All the assortment of products, which you can find in our canned and jarred products collection are of the highest quality. So, if you want to buy canned food online or are interested in jar foods, visit our online store. To learn more about the products we sell, you can easily contact us through an email eurospeconline12@gmail.com or a phone call: 315-706-4417.

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