Popular Polish Drinks


Poland is known not only for delicious food but also for its special strong and non-alcoholic drinks. Have you ever tried Polish drinks? Here we made up the list of top 6 Polish drinks you should know about. Some of them are well-known, while the others are less popular. Mostly all of them are made by authentic Polish recipes. Polish drinking culture is known for unforgettable tastes, accompanied with incredible combinations that will definitely surprise you. To cut long story short, you can read the information below, and learn more about different recipes as well as interesting facts about Polish drinks.


Natural and Rich Nutrients in Compote

The compote is a drink generally made of fruits and berries. Below, you’ll find what types of compote are and what the difference is.

  • The first type of compote is made of frozen or fresh fruits by adding some sugar.
  • Second popular type of compote, known as “susz” is made of dried fruits. In comparison with the previous one, it has light brown color and differs in taste. The given beverage is an integral part of Chrismas Eve dinner.

Such fruits as apples, morello cherries, pears, and berries like currants, strawberries, raspberries etc are the most popular as well as the most frequently used for the compote. The variety of ingredients depends on personal preferences, so you can mix them as you wish. Besides, one of the most popular spices that are used for preparing compote is clove. Usually, people cook compote from frozen fruits in summer, when cold drinks are worth their weight in gold because help us to quench our thirst. Apart from that, the given beverage can be stored for a long period of time. Therefore it is common to prepare it for winter and autumn and is served cold with pieces of fruits or berries inside.

How to Prepare Compote?

All you need is to choose components that you are fond of, put them into the pan with water, add some sugar and bring to medium heat. When you notice that compote starts bubbling, reduce the heat slightly and leave it to boil for 5-7 minutes. Then, remove the compote from heat and give it to cool thoroughly. The fruity, tasty and nutritious beverage will be ready for consumption in less than an hour.

Traditional Orangeade

Orangeade appeared on the sale shelves approximately in the 18th  century. Probably you have heard about this sweet, non-alcohol, traditional drink that has a particular orange taste. Poles borrowed it from French people. Orangeade (in Polish: oranżada) was primarily popular among rich people because of its high price. This non-alcoholic orange drink consists of fresh orange juice, syrup, water, and sugar.

traditional orangeade
polish vodka

Polish Vodka or Gorzałka

In Poland, vodka became popular in the Middle Ages. At that time, it was actually considered not only for usage in a medical treatment but also for cosmetics cleaners. Vodka, as a beverage, was called gorzałka from the Polish word gorzeć that means “to burn”. Vodka usually has about 40% of alcohol that’s enough to be very bad in the case of overdrinking. Famous brands of Polish vodka are:

  • Danziger Goldwasser;
  • Wyborowa;
  • Zoladkowa Gorzka;
  • Zubrowka Maximus;
  • Pan Tadeusz and more.

Authentic Polish Beer

The given alcohol drink is probably one of the most popular in the entire world. Poles learned how to prepare this potion about 900-1000 years ago. An average Polish beer contains around 4-5% of alcohol. Every country has numerous brands and Poland is not the exception. There are such trademarks as:

  • Zywiec;
  • Zubr;
  • Okocim;
  • Debowe Mocne;
authentic polish beer

One of the most extraordinary ways to consume beer is to warm it up. After that people usually add some spices like cinnamon or cloves. Is also contains fruits or berries, for instance, raspberries. There are two more important components such as honey and ginger. Therefore this hot drink is preferable by lots of Poles to drink, especially in winter time. It is a perfect way to warm yourself up in cold and frosty winter weather.

unique liqueurs or nalewky

Unique Liqueurs or Nalewky

Nalevka is a traditional aged Polish alcohol potion. It usually consists of fruits, herbs, sugar, honey, and spices. Nalevky has from 40% to 45% of alcohol, although some of them may have even 75%.  Notably, there is a big benefit over vodka because of its light taste. So, you almost don’t feel the alcohol taste while drinking it. Nalewka is often colored due to its high content of fruits and berries. Therefore it is popular not only among men,— women adore its delicate flavor too. The major feature of the given beverage is its name, which depends on the main ingredient. For example, if it would be plum the name of the drink will be Slivovica (sliva – literally plum in Polish).


Mead or Miod Pitny literally means “drinkable honey”. It is also known as “honey wine”.  So it is not hard to guess that the main component of this drink is honey (in Ukraine this drink is known as Medovukha). Mead is made by fermenting honey (the main ingredient), water, and, of course, yeast. To achieve the right taste some of Poles may add juices, spices as well as herbs. In fact, this beverage is super-easy to make.



Polish beverages are made by the unique technologies that were passing from generation to generation. Its flavors and tastes are unforgettable. Some of the previously mentioned drinks like compote and orangeade you may easily try to prepare at home. The ingredients are truly simple and it does not require a lot of time. Poles are very hospitable, communicative and easy-going people that like to have fun with their friends or in the family circle. It may seem that Poles drink a lot but it’s not so. Poles are a very religious nation. So, drinking too much is not welcomed. To sum everything up, Polish people are very ingenious and have lots of unique recipes for both strong and non-alcoholic drinks.