Poland is often referred to as the gateway to Western Europe. It is a beautiful country with a long history and various traditions. One of these traditions is their delicious food. The traditional polish food is packed with calories and is indeed very tempting. The food is addictive and rich in all types of meat (beef, pork, and chicken) and is famous for the excellent variety of bread as well as sausages (сconsidered superior to German).

The food varies from where you may visit; towns have made their own versions of the dishes. It is highly recommended to visit a traditional Polish village to savor the most authentic food.

If you’re in town than there are many savories to choose from, this can be your ultimate guide when you’re visiting Krakow or Warsaw. Poland is known for its delicacies.

The basic ingredients to every Polish food are sauerkraut, cucumbers, sausages, beetroot, and many herbs and spices. A Polish menu is considered to be rich in flavors and is exotic.

Top 5 Polish Foods

Poles are proud of their authentic and one of a kind cuisine. Here are some recommendations to choose from as they will leave you wanting more. One trip to Poland will never be enough.

Rosół polish

Rosół (chicken broth soup)

Rosół is one of the most typically served soups in all of Poland. It usually tastes best on Mondays after church on chilly days. It is considered easy to make and is served along with homemade noodles. The ingredients to this delicious dish are a piece of chicken, some onion, a little leek, along with green celery, parsley, lots of cabbage, spiced with salt and pepper. If you plan to visit during the winter season, it is your best treatment.

Pierogi (Polish dumplings)

The Polish Dumplings are made of thinly rolled-out dough and are filled with a bunch of fillings. One of the most popular fillings are pork, herbs and mushrooms, as well as fruits such as strawberries, and sweet cottage cheese and paired with boiled potatoes to set the right mood. Poles love potatoes and joke to one another that they look like potatoes (just a friendly pun). It is a Polish food which is typically served for Christmas.

Polish Pierogi
Gołąbki Polish

Gołąbki (Delicious cabbage roll)

It is a traditional Polish food which consists of minced pork and some rice, little onion, exotic mushrooms, and is finally wrapped in the white cabbage leaves. The roll is made in various styles and is a food staple.

Bigos (Polish Hunter stew)

It is considered to be a very traditional Polish food and contains basic ingredients such as sauerkraut, some fresh cabbage (sometimes it isn’t added), and different types of meats, mushrooms, some onions and topped with spices. It is something you just have to try when you visit Poland. Poles would be glad to tell you their favorite restaurants serving them.

Goulash Polish


The list could not be complete without it. Goulash is originally from Hungary; however, the Poles have changed the recipe a little to cater to their tastes. Goulash is a stew which is filled with meat and it is served with boiled potatoes and some vegetables, with a few spices added.

Polish Food Facts

Poles love their potatoes and you can be sure to find potatoes in almost every meal that you eat. They are considered to be one of the most hardworking people in all of Europe and they leave no plate unturned when it comes to their cuisine.

Poland is an affordable European destination and if you’re looking to try out your first European tour, then Poland should be on the top of your lists.

It is considered the best comfort food, especially if you’ve got a serious case of a hangover.

The food is offered in big portions and has lots of extra sour cream and butter. The dishes have a balance between meat, vegetables, and mushrooms. Poles have mastered the art of mismatch ingredients (think herring or cream). The ingredients are typically a friend or stewed and packed with delicious flavor.

Mastered the Art of Pickling

Poles have truly mastered the art of pickling. They believe that the right amount of pickles will solve all your problems, whether it’s a hangover or even sickness. They are a superstitious lot and with good reason. Wait till you try Polish Pickles, you will never try any other.

The recipe is quite simple, cucumbers are added to warm water and salt, garlic, and horseradish are all combined and left for a few weeks to make dill pickles. Whereas, the sauerkraut is made from water, salt, and cabbage. There are many ways to make Polish dishes.

Polish Tatar

The Polish Tatar is made up of every ingredient that is required to make you a burger, except that the ingredients are served raw. When you order the tartar, you will receive a little raw ground beef which will have an egg cracked on it. Along with it, there will usually be pickles and raw dill. You should be able to find it in all restaurants throughout Poland.

Mouthwatering Polish desserts

Poles adore their cakes and pies, which is why you will get to find a huge variety of multi-coating cakes as well as baked goods wherever you may go. Although fried desserts are considered to be the essence of Polish cuisine, there are many types of desserts to choose from.

Pączki (Polish Doughnuts)

The Polish doughnuts are referred to as pączki and are usually glazed with icing sugar and added with different jams. The most popular ones are either made of plums or rose petals. They are delicious and should not be missed!

Racuchy (Polish Pancake)

It is another delicious Polish desert and is called racuchy. The Polish pancakes are basically puffy thick pancakes which have a slice or little pieces of apple inside.

Poland is a Foodies’ Paradise

Wherever one may go to Poland, there are beautiful delicacies to keep them company. If you’re not sure what to try, then just ask a Pole and they will be happy to help.