New Year Food In Ukraine

Year after year, very consistently, Ukrainians commend the New Year with phenomenal scale, putting in days, weeks, even months planning for it. Once the occasion has passed, the nation enjoys a reprieve by feasting. Let’s be real: what even would be the Ukrainian New Year without the following conventional dishes?



Kholodets (which is also known as studen) is a cultural jellied meat dish and is especially a part of traditional Ukrainian cooking. Kholodets is a fundamental portion of winter occasion merry suppers, but it can be cooked anytime. What you need is time – at least seven long hours to dive yourself into the cooking procedure in addition to extra time for a few arrangements prior to cooking.

Ukrainians more often than not go to the greenmarket to purchase just new meat for kholodets. Whenever it is served, it looks like a square or rectangular shape of jelly or it accepts the form of the bowl or dish in which it was chilled. This famous Ukrainian food is served chilled and is an ideal tidbit and excellent buddy of vodka.

Shuba Salad

Shuba salad, which is also known as seledka pod shuboĭ,  or just shuba, is a well-known New Year dish, and a customary layered serving of mixed greens made of finely slashed salted herring, beets, eggs, potatoes, carrots, and any sort of dressing, such as sour cream base or mayonnaise. The total time it takes to make a shuba salad is 90 minutes, in which 30 minutes are for preparation before cooking and 60 minutes for the real cooking.

Once cooked, you need to set aside six hours so the dish can be chilled. This pretty plate of mixed greens gives you 6-8 servings easily, and it does not have to be a meat feast, but can easily be a side dish or served on a smorgasbord table with different servings of other various salads.

Shuba Salad

Olivier Salad

The Olivier Salad or the Olivye is one of the most famous traditional Ukrainian New Year food list. Olivye is a customary dish of mixed greens served in many eateries and gatherings. This Potato Salad, as a rule, comprises of potatoes, peas, onions, carrots, meat, eggs, and pickles, which are all blended with mayonnaise, along with some meat which could either be chicken, bologna or ham.

Olivye salad is most famous around the conventional occasions of Christmas and Easter, and especially New Year Holiday in Ukraine. In the communities and societies of Ukraine, this beautiful salad plate is served at most gatherings and family social affairs. It can be refrigerated for a long time.

Soviet Champagne

Soviet champagne, now called Sovetskoje Shampanskoje by the Ukrainian communities, plays a huge role in the Ukraine New Year tradition list. Believe us when we say that Ukrainian New Year is not really the Ukranian New Year unless Soviet champagne is a major part of it. Sovetskoje Shampanskoje, which is made on the premise of à la mode dynamic innovation of mechanical sparkling wines development however much as could be expected approximated to customary one.


Normally, this champagne is produced using a mix of Chardonnay and Aligoté grapes. We’ve heard that just the smell alone will set you in the correct mind-set for more traditional Ukrainian New Year food, because the champagne we are discussing isn’t the kind of sparkling wine created in Champagne locale of France, but is actually a brand known as Soviet Champagne. The historical backdrop of this beverage returns to 1937 because this is when the government made the wine makers create shining wine, which would be reasonable for average workers.



We’ve all heard of this one. Ukrainians prefer to eat caviar with a spread (butter) and toasted bread. Sometimes, even in a blini, which is a sort of thin pancake, along with a spot of margarine or straight from the spoon pursued by a fix of vodka or a taste of chilled champagne. New Year traditions in Ukraine are not really in their full spirit unless caviar is involved.

Napoleon Cake

In simple terms, we can say that Napoleon cake is a national Ukrainian desert and is a part of New Year traditions in Ukraine. What is Napoleon cake, you ask? It is a cake, which is made with up to 16 layers of fresh-baked pastries loaded up with a custard cream and is only unique in each family unit, depending on who is making it. The Napoleon cake slice has been a standout among the most mainstream cakes in Ukraine for two centuries.


Some theory says that the cake is named after the Russian triumph over Napoleon in 1812. Apparently, the triangular state of a cake partition in a dish takes after the well-known Napoleon’s cap.


Tangerines For Dessert

We know what you’re thinking: how can a fruit be the main dessert? Here’s why. According to a theory, in Soviet periods, there weren’t some other organic products in the shops to eat at New Year, in light of the fact that there weren’t many imports from “free enterprise” nations. Be that as it may, there were tangerines imported from Abkhazia and Georgia, and they came in season precisely during New Year festivities. Hence, Ukrainians add them to fruit salads, teas, cakes, etc.

We know suddenly you’re wishing you celebrated like this, too.