Foods You Must Eat in Europe

Why Should You Try European Food?

Europe is too much more than just antique history, rulers and empresses, fortresses and house of worships. Europe is also ground to some of the yummiest and most exciting food items in the world. But the main question is “What should you eat after going there and from where to eat after going there?” What are some best samples of traditional European food? There are a lot of questions of this type that can arise in your mind when you think about trying European Food.

You must be tired of having your regular breakfast, or everyday lunch, or the most eaten dinner that you have to take on a regular basis for a long time, approximately 7 days a week having that typical taste to eat. So, why not to go out to change the environment of you as well as your taste in food?

The food we eat plays very important role to keep the brain healthy. It also helps to improve our working capabilities and improves the working of mental capabilities too (such as quick thinking, memory, critical analysis etc). If you are feeling any kind of decrease in these capabilities, that could be due to lack of sleep, your physical activity’s level or disturbance in the immune system. Well, whatever the reason is, it is a major fact that food is somewhere behind all these issues. Food is necessary to encourage brain function and memory, good blood flow to the brain and more.

Taste of Street Food in European Food List

Some of the most delightful fragilities food items of the world can you got from the outdoor centenaries and from food stands. They have the ability to give you the best taste of popular European food.

You can take the best suggestions from residents of the area about the best stall that is serving the best taste food in Europe as well as ask national tourism panels. We have collected a list of the best and the most popular European food to familiarize you with great European culture.

Casual foods involve cold cuts, burnt salmon, salty spreads, with some bread, and a mixture of some fruits. Many Europeans also love to eat fresh vegetables for mealtimes, such as tomatoes and cucumbers, to go together with their other breakfast selections.

Best Foods to Eat in Europe

Here is a long list of best food items that you can take while visiting different places in Europe, and, for sure, after eating them, you’ll want to get them again and again. It is because Europe has the best taste of food in the world.

This list of items includes the most delicious foods which you should try when you’ll be on a trip to Europe:

  • Arancini in Italy. Though not as famous as pasta and pizza in Italy, these tiny fried rice balls are seriously to expire for.
  • Waffles in Belgium.
  • Palacinky in the Czech Republic.
  • Cheese fondue in Switzerland.
  • Ćevapi in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
  • Goulash in Hungary.
  • Palates’ chicken in Austria.
  • Currywurst in Germany.
  • Arancini in Italy.

Arancini in Italy

Although arancini are not as famous as pasta or pizza in Italy, these tiny sautéed rice balls that are the size of oranges, are extremely to die for. The world arena means “orange”, thus they have the size of oranges. Naturally full with tomatoes, mozzarella or pecorino, meat, pistachios, mushrooms, these wonderful scraps of crispy blimey are then covered in breadcrumbs and deep-fried.

Waffles in Belgium

For sure, everyone recognizes Belgian waffles. They are just amazing. It is being said that you should always, always get them with Nutella, with a combination of strawberries and cream.


Cheese Fondue in Switzerland

If you are a cheese lover, then just get ready. Typical Swiss fondue is cooked with the help of Gruyère and with Emmenthal cheese, with an added kick provided by a glug of kirsch and white wine. At all times cheese fondue is being served with crispy bread such as the traditional Woizero, this is thoughtful gooey paradise and one of those foods you must eat in Europe.

Palacinky in the Czech Republic

Palacinky is a traditional dish which is popular all over central Europe, especially in Prague. This thin dough is frequently served with plum or apricot jam. You can add any sweet or even savory filling you want.


Ćevapi in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Now get up and taste something new. If you go for whatever on this list, go for these for so sure. Ćevapi are barred with ground beef without skin and sausages typically obliged with onions, flatbread, smooth kajmak cheese and ajvar that is a roast red pepper spread. It is really having a heavenly taste.

Goulash in Hungary

Everyone has perhaps at least gotten of goulash if not taste it out now, but if you discover yourself a level close to being Hungary, you essentially have to taste this dish when ready in the old-style Hungarian way.  It is the ultimate ease of food that you could ever have.



These are some foods you must try when visiting the above mention places. A good food can make you happier and fresher.