Food in Ukraine

The traditional Ukrainian food is very unusual for foreigners because of its special kind of taste. It is rich in flavors and traditions, associated with Ukrainian culture. Some dishes are fatty, some even consist of fat. But every dish is a culinary art of Ukraine.  

The Ukrainians are known to love to eat deliciously. Throughout many centuries a lot of different dishes appeared. The Ukrainian Cossacks liked to eat fatty food. The reason for it is high energy content. That’s why such dish as kholodets appeared.

The Most Famous Traditional Ukrainian Dishes

  • Borshch

At the first place, borshch should be mention. There is one very interesting Ukrainian

tradition about this dish. Following this one, every girl has to know how to cook

borshch if she wants to get married. Of course, nowadays it is not necessary. Borshch is one of the staple dishes in Ukraine. This soup includes a lot of ingredients, mostly vegetables. The dish consists of carrots, beetroots, onions, fresh or pickled cabbage, some kinds of pepper and others. There are a large number of different recipes, it depends on the region. This soup will not leave you indifferent. Its taste is unforgettable and unique.

  • Potato Pancakes

Potato pancakes is a well-known Ukrainian dish, often called «deruny» or «terty platsky». Every generation finds this dish very delicious for breakfast and dinner. The recipe is surprisingly simple. Its ingredients are potato, salt, eggs, flour, and some onions. The ingredients have to be mixed and shredded. The dish may be freshly fried or baked.

  • Salo

It goes without saying, that salo is one of the most popular Ukrainian foods. The young generation does not like this dish because of its fat content. In comparison with bacon, salo has very little or no lean meat. This snack is very delicious in combination with a piece of freshly baked bread and one or more cloves of garlic.

Ukrainian Christmas Food

The Ukrainian cuisine is rich in festive dishes. It is common to cook special dishes for Christmas. The supper on Holy Night differs from the other evening meals. It consists of 12 Lenten dishes, symbolizing 12 Apostles, gathered at the Last Supper. Christmas dishes are prepared with a very strong recipe, which omits animal fat, oil, milk and meat products.

The most popular Christmas dishes are:

  • Kutya

It is the first treat you have to taste during Christmas holiday celebration. The

the dish is very sweet that’s why every kid likes it a lot. Kutya includes such ingredients as wheat, barley, rice, nuts, grated poppy seeds, honey, and nectar. Every family member should try at least one spoonful of this tasty dish. One of the old Ukrainian traditions tells that kutya should be thrown up to the ceiling. If it sticks, you can expect for a plentiful honey harvest. Nowadays, fewer people follow this unusual tradition.

  • Varenyky or dumplings

This kind of foods is made in the very different way with a great variety of stuffing. In short, dumplings – is the combination of flour, salt, and water with stuffing. The filling may be potato, cherry, cabbage, meat and more. Nowadays, it is common to put cottage cheese with raisins inside dumplings. This kind of dumplings is very delicious in combination with sour cream. Ukrainian women cook varenyky with potato filling for the Christmas holidays. Potato dumplings are very tasty in combination with borshch. Ukrainians like to eat varenyky each holiday. And it is not strange, because they are very tasty with any kind of stuffing.

  • Holubtsi (Stuffed Cabbage Rolls)

This course is famous for its unusual view and good taste. There are a lot of different recipes for this dish preparation. Every region has its own way of cooking. For cooking holubtsi, you need cabbage leaves, rice, forcemeat, carrot, and onion. Cabbage leaves wrap some forcemeat with boiled rice and previously fried vegetables. Cabbage leaves provide the dish with special taste. This dish is usually served with sour cream. In some regions, Ukrainians serve this course with mushroom sauce.

Ukrainian Easter Food

For Ukrainians Easter is a very significant and happy holiday. After a forty-day period of fasting, everyone wants to eat some meat. This led to the tradition of cooking lots of different meat dishes for Easter. However the main Easter course is not a sausage, but Paska.

  • Paska

No Easter is complete without Easter bread. Paska must be tasted by everyone during the Easter celebration. Paska is made of flour, eggs, sugar, butter, milk, a pinch of salt and yeast.

One says, has got to try 12 different Paskas to receive good luck and health for the whole year. On the Easter morning, Ukrainians take a big basket with cottage cheese, sausage, butter, ham, horseradish, salt, eggs, and bring it to church in order to bless. Every item has its importance, meaning, and reason to be brought to church.

  • Krovianka

It’s an essential dish for many festivals. Krovianka or blood sausage is a tasty Ukrainian snack. It looks a little bit strange because of its dark color. It is made of cow’s blood and buckwheat. It sounds rather weird, but the taste is great. The young generation is not keen on this snack while the older people like this kind of sausage very much.


Ukrainian food culture impresses with its uniqueness. Everyone can find something special and favorite for himself. Ukrainian cuisine includes a great variety of flavors. There are different courses and snacks with unforgettable tastes. The festive dishes won’t leave anyone indifferent. The variety of Ukrainian foods is amazing. Everyone should taste the most popular Ukrainian dishes in order to discover some new tastes.