Baking Products

Must have bakery product to make your culinary masterpiece soft and airy. Here you can find everything from baking powder to aroma extracts and pudding.

Ukrainian Baking Products

A wide assortment of baking products can bring your cookery masterpieces to the next level. All the thing is in much lighter texture. Do not miss the good opportunity to create new delicious Ukrainian desserts by yourself.

Polish Baking Products

Polish baking products keep up with the latest trends. So, here you can find Szarlotka, Sernik, and other culinary goodies.

Dried, Beans, Grains & Rice

European food offers lots of incredibly delicious products for your health: Dried, Beans, Grains & Rice. Are you interested in it? If yes, click here to get more details.

Baking Products

Natural products are available at the super low prices. Use healthy and useful Ukrainian dried beans, grains, and rice as a tasty addition to your diet.

Polish Noodles

These Polish noodles are made of high-quality ingredients. The given feature makes them extremely yummy. Moreover, easy to cook and store so grab your special deal.


All your favorite appetizer recipes are in one place. The biggest assortment of fresh meat at the European food store is guaranteed.

Pierogies and Pelmeni

Ukrainian pierogies and pelmeni with a big choice of fillings, from sweet to the authentic ingredients, will be adored by every member of your family. Detailed information is attached here.

Polish Deli

Polish deli has always been an important part of the Polish food culture. Its variety of smoked meat will definitely surprise you.


European Specialties offers great, high-quality and super tasty noodles. You will not regret trying at least one of all the available types.

Ukrainian Deli

All the wealth of Ukrainian cuisine is represented in its numerous variations of meat products that are both totally safe for consumption and exceedingly tasteful.

Polish Soups & Stocks

If you have not tried Polish soups & stocks yet then you have missed a lot. It is high time to change it with the help of the big and tasty assortment of products we gather especially for you.

Sauces & Spreads

You can buy 100% natural sauces and spreads in this European food store. They are made without GMOs, dyes or preservatives. Learn more clicking right here.

Ukrainian Borscht

The list of Ukrainian Borscht recipes seems to be never-ending. Still, each of them is quick, easy and nutritious. Once you some it has all the chances to become your favorite soup ever.

Polish Sauces & Spreads

It has never been so easy to get a variety of flavors just by adding Polish sauces or spreads to your meals. Classic or extraordinary taste within seconds.

Sweets and Candy

Delicious bars of chocolate, sugar cookies, croissants, and candies for any taste. These sweets and candies are made of the highest quality to deeply impress you.

Ukrainian Soups & Stocks

Ukrainian soups with proper seasonings are known almost worldwide for the unforgettable flavor. They are really worth trying.

Polish Sweets and Candy

Modern or traditional Polish desserts and sweets from the best-known chocolatiers. Unique recipes, delicate taste, cool shapes, and stunning decoration.

Soups & Stocks

It’s a perfect place for those who are fond of hot, fast cooking dishes with the mouth-watering smell. Check out our immense selection of soups and stocks.

Ukrainian Sweets and Candy

Incredibly rich range of Ukrainian sweets and candies is offered for those who are really fond of supreme quality products with delicious taste.

Polish Tea and Coffee

We invite all the fans of the tea or coffee drinking culture to discover the unbelievable taste of the most popular Polish beverages that have a long history.

Tea and Coffee

Fragrant leaves from the world-famous plantations are selected for the European food store so you could enjoy this extraordinary aroma and divine taste.

Ukrainian Drinks

Traditional Ukranian drinks that not every bartender is aware of, a perfect combination that will suit every taste.

Polish Drinks

All the variety of increasingly popular drinks in Poland in one place. Extraordinary and rich taste is guaranteed.


There is a chance to take greater pleasure in your favorite meals trying any of European food seasonings we sell.

Ukrainian Fish and Seafood

All the diversity of fish and seaweeds sourced from responsibly managed Ukrainian fisheries. Check out our fresh and quality selection of seafood here.

Polish Fish and Seafood

Take a great pleasure in the freshest fish and seafood, offered in our store. Big variety and reasonable prices will definitely satisfy the needs of every customer.

Snack Foods

European Specialties offers you the widest variety of snacks popular in Europe. Without any doubt,  the best seeds, and fish snacks are sold here.

Ukrainian Snack Foods

The variety of Ukrainian snack with perfect combination of tastes will surely leave you indifferent. Click here to learn more details.

Polish Snack Foods

A wide range of high-quality snacks made in Poland will surprise even the greatest gourmet with its diversity of tastes. More detailed information is attached here.


This product can be an excellent addition to ice cream, diverse desserts, and even drinks. Syrups are so-called indispensable assistants necessary to reveal all the richness of flavor.

Ukrainian Gifts

Ukrainian online food store offers lots of interesting gift ideas for everyone. Make happy your dearest and nearest!

Polish Gifts

Looking for an exclusive gift with top quality and affordable price? Here are a great variety of products that will surely bring a bit sweet aftertaste of your wishes. More details are right here.


There are plenty of European drinks which will definitely both satisfy your thirst and give you all the variability of taste.


European specialties offers a giant selection of European gifts. Here is everything needed to make a universal present to everyone.