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Our online store offers literally the widest range of popular European food. You can always find here the original products, for instance, from Ukraine, Poland, Germany, Russia. What does each of these cuisines have special for you? We will let you know this right below.

Vareniki or varenyky with potato - Ukrainian national dish

Rich, Delicious and Nutritious Ukrainian Cuisine

Traditional Ukrainian food can really impress even a picky gourmet. The given cuisine has been collecting the best recipes for ages. Now they reflect its ingenuity. Ukraine is called the “breadbasket of Europe” because of its fertile lands. And bread plays an important role in its culture. There are the various styles of preparing it. Every recipe is unique. The greeting with bread and salt is the welcoming gesture which symbolizes hospitality. Almost every Ukrainian celebrates Easter and Christmas with a great pleasure.

On these holidays people usually cook different traditional dishes and very often they are generously flavored. The unusual mix of ingredients has created the unforgettable meals like Borscht, Varenyky (with different filling like potatoes, mushrooms, meat, cabbage, and even fruits. The combinations of filling can also be endless.),  Kovbasa, smoked or boiled meat sausages with spices, and many others. Original cuisine made with love, brought fame to Ukrainians, as a unique nation with unique cuisine.

Ukrainian confectionery market is one of the leaders in the whole Europe. And desserts like cookies, candies, marshmallows, chocolate are well known even all over the world and they are must-try when you visit this country.

Polish Food You Should Try At Least Once

This little country has a great history and as the majority of  Poles are Roman Catholic, religion has had an influence on traditions associated with the food industry on this territory.

In Poland, soups are served before the main course. The most common first courses are Zurek, White borscht, Mushrooms and Cucumber soups and many others. The tastes of Polish food are mostly spicy, herbal, salty and even fermented or marinated.

White borscht

This cuisine is famous for its pierogi. This dish at first may seem like nothing special because of the included ingredients, but when you try it, you can’t get enough. Regarding the second courses, they are quite caloric, but they are definitely worth it. Polish sweets like Ptasie Mleczko, Piernik etc. have a delicious taste which is incomparable.

Traditional german food of pretzels, sauerkraut, bratwurst and beer on wooden table

German Cuisine Is Capable of Becoming Your Favorite

The cuisine has always been the main part of German culture. It is very difficult to enumerate the top German foods as the variety is immense. It is important to mention, that influences of France and Italy can be traced distinctly here. Many recipes, cooking methods, spices etc. were borrowed from these countries. And all these components were carefully mixed with original German cooking traditions. Frankly speaking, the result is fantastic. And the very important detail is that the country has managed to keep its identity.

All the kinds of foods you should eat in German are easy to be cooked even at home without sufficient efforts too. You should agree that this is a huge benefit for all the genuine connoisseurs of this cuisine. Very often German food lovers from all over the globe integrate some of these dishes into their daily diet.  It is not surprising at all as there are more than 1500 available, easily understood and done recipes how to cook sausages.

Russian Dishes Everyone Should Know About

Russian cuisine became especially diverse in the 15th century. Of course, it was influenced by the geographical and natural conditions becoming richer all the time. There is an old Russian proverb saying “Porridge is our mother, bread is our father”. The thing is that Russians often cook grains like oat, rye, barley, buckwheat and serve every dish (usually first courses) with a piece of rye bread ( black bread).

Traditional Russian food - yellow peas puree or kasha with vegetables

It is definitely recommended to dig your teeth into the most popular Russian dishes visiting any town of this country. Among them may be Borscht, Sweet-and-Sour Cabbage,  Solyanka, Golubtsy, Beef Stroganoff and others.

Do not be sad if there is no opportunity to taste all the above mentioned while travelling in the nearest future. You can feed your curiosity trying these foods today. Our European Specialities store is also your salvation if you have moved and you miss the best dishes from your Motherland. Just visit us and shop online with comfort at reasonable rates.

Enjoy your meal!