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Our online store offers the widest range of popular European food. You can always find original products from Ukraine, Poland, Germany, Russia. Find your new favorite food and expand your palate at European Specialties. 

Vareniki or varenyky with potato - Ukrainian national dish

Rich, Delicious and Nutritious Ukrainian Cuisine

Traditional Ukrainian food is sure to impress even the pickiest gourmet. The cuisine is a culmination of the best recipes that were handed down. Now they reflect its ingenuity. Ukraine is called the “breadbasket of Europe” because of its fertile lands. Inspired by its agriculture roots, Ukrainian dishes are hearty and utilize the many crops grown there. Most Ukrainian dishes are fairly simple to make but are delicious and comforting. The recipes Ukrainians make today have barely changed from when they were first were passed down. 

On these holidays people usually cook different traditional dishes and very often they are generously flavored. The unusual mix of ingredients has created the unforgettable meals like Borscht, Varenyky (with different filling like potatoes, mushrooms, meat, cabbage, and even fruits). The combinations of filling can also be endless.),  Kovbasa, smoked or boiled meat sausages with spices, and many others. Original cuisine made with love, brought fame to Ukrainians, as a unique nation with unique cuisine.

Ukrainian confectionery market is one of the leaders in the whole Europe. And desserts like cookies, candies, marshmallows, chocolate are well known even all over the world and they are must-try when you visit this country.

Polish Food You Should Try At Least Once

Poland’s neighboring countries like Ukraine, Germany, Belarus, Hungary, and many others have influenced the formation of its culture. Many Poles are proud of the fact that they have collected all the best cooking traditions.

At European Specialties we offer Polish soups, noodles, sweets and many other delicious meals. In our online grocery store, you can find top-notch Zurek (sour rye soup), white borscht, red beet borscht, mushroom and cucumber soups.

White borscht
Traditional german food of pretzels, sauerkraut, bratwurst and beer on wooden table

Delicious German Cuisine

It is very difficult to summarize Germany’s cuisine. Many recipes, cooking methods, spices etc. were borrowed from neighboring countries. And all these components were carefully mixed with original German cooking traditions. The result is fantastic flavorful food. 

Russian Dishes Everyone Should Know About

Russian cuisine became especially diverse in the 15th century. It was influenced by the geographical and natural of Russia. Russians often cook grains like oat, rye, barley, buckwheat and serve every dish with a piece of rye bread. There is an old Russian proverb saying “Porridge is our mother, bread is our father”.

Traditional Russian food - yellow peas puree or kasha with vegetables

Famous traditional Russian dishes include Borscht, Sweet-and-Sour Cabbage,  Solyanka, Golubtsy, Beef Stroganoff and others.

Unfortunately it can be hard to find traditional Russian dishes in America. Thankfully, our European Specialties store is always stocked with the best dishes from the Motherland. Just visit us or shop online with comfort at reasonable rates.

Eastern Europe is far more than ancient history, breathtaking architecture, or kings and queens. It is also famous for having a great variety of the tastiest food in the whole world. Eastern European food is diversified and rich. You may find a wide assortment of Eastern European food in our Syracuse grocery store, European Specialties. We’ve collected the most popular and delicious Eastern European food: from baking products to meat and soups. Do you want to try beef or chicken pelmeni (dumplings)? Do you prefer vegetarian mushroom dumplings instead? We offer an unforgettable experience and a wide assortment of products in order to satisfy the individual need of every customer. Our grocery store is also able to provide the consumers with a variety of European products in our online store. It’s a great chance to save valuable time and take advantage of goods we offer at European Specialties.

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