Best Ukrainian Desserts

The Ukrainian cuisine is rich not only in different tasty dishes, served as main courses, but also in delicious desserts. The Ukrainian desserts will make everyone satisfied as well as impress any foreigner with an unforgettable flavor. It seems that the desserts include merely a small part of the whole Ukrainian cuisine, but it is not so. The variety of the sweet part of the Ukrainian culture affects millions of people all over the globe. What are the most popular desserts? Today, we are going to familiarize you with the most known ones. Here is a list of top 10 Ukrainian desserts witch catch an eye of any sweet tooth and make your mouth water.



It is the worldwide known festive food. Pampushky are commonly cooked during the winter holidays. This dish is an easy-to-cook what gives it a big privilege among the other desserts. The donuts may be either stuffed or not. Usually, the filling consists of some jam or poppy. The Ukrainian women are known to cook in different ways with the usage of various recipes. That’s why, pampushky are stuffed even with cherries or chocolate, at times. They are served with powdered sugar at the top and sour cream. This traditional Ukrainian dessert is very tasted with a cup of tea.

Sweet Varenyky

This dish is prepared for the winter holidays. However, the Ukrainians taste it much more often than pampushky. Varenyky is a crescent shape dessert, prepared with dough which is filled with some sweet stuffing. The filling may be potato, cabbage, meat. Sometimes, Ukrainians like to combine salo with meat or potato for dumplings’ filling. But, it’s not the whole list. Dumplings may be stuffed with cherries, apples, plums and so on. Varenyky have two ways of cooking. They may be boiled in a saucepan with hot water or fried in a frying pan. Varenyky are served with either sour cream or the juice. Sweet varenyky is kids’ favorite dish.

sweet varenyky


Nalysnyky are the big thin pancakes fried in a frying pan. They are frying until the golden color. Then, nalysnyky are stuffed with meat or cottage cheese with raisins, as well as with sweet fillings: jam, berries, and other sweet ones. Moreover, this dish is often served with different fruits. As you can see, there are a lot of fillings for nalysnyky, but each of them has its own unique taste, being delicious almost in any combination. Usually, Ukrainians roll up nalysnyky in tubes or give them a triangle form. They are served with sour cream or honey.


This is sweet yeast cake, which is always cooked for the Easter holiday. The paska’s recipes are a little bit time-consuming. But the taste is worth it. This Easter bread has a lot of raisins inside, which provide a great taste. A delicious sugar glazing is on the top of Paska. It is very common for the Ukrainian people to present some Paskas to their relatives. This nice tradition improves the family relationships. The paska has a great importance for Ukrainians during the Easter holiday.

chocolate salami

Chocolate Salami

Also, it is called a dessert sausage, because of its form. It is made out of the dark chocolate with nuts, chopped cookies, and the white chocolate. There is a big variety of chocolate salami recipes, as this delicious treat is an easy-to-cook one. In fact, this sausage is easily stored in the freezer for months. Just before slicing and serving, you should pull it out of the freezer for 5-10 minutes to adapt to the room temperature. Then serve it with a cup of hot cocoa, and enjoy its excellent taste.


This delicacy has a slight similarity with varenyky, because of the crescent shape. But the huge difference is the way of cooking. Sochnyky are baked in an oven. And exactly baking provides sochnyky with its good flavor. Before putting them into an oven, you should brush them with the mixture of the egg yolk and water. Sochnyky are stuffed with different fillings, such as berries, apples, cottage cheese and others. Sochnyky are served with white coffee.

kyiv cake

Kyiv Cake

This dessert is well-known across the whole Ukrainian country. Everyone’s mouth will water just because of thoughts about the Kyiv cake. It became one of the main symbols of Kyiv, because of its name and unforgettable taste. This cake consists of different layers, which include flour, crunchy hazelnut meringue, ant filling you want, and, finally, butter-cream. This multilayered cake is very difficult in preparation if you are set to cook really “airy pastry” as it should be. The Kyiv cake’s recipes are rather time-consuming. The main character, which makes Kyiv cake recognizable, is the topping. Usually, the topping is decorated with different-colored butter-cream flowers.

Honey Cake or Medovyk

As well as the Kyiv cake, Medovyk consists of lots of layers. In the Ukrainian culture, this cake symbolizes the hope for the next sweet year. This dessert is full of nuts greased with sweet condensed milk cream which perfectly complements the honey crusts. It is cooked for very significant events, such as the New Year, B-day parties or the Christmas holidays. The Honey cake is so soft that it melts in the mouth with, leaving a sweet taste.

honey cake or medovyk


It is one of the well-known sweet beverages in Ukraine. So, what is special in Uzvar? It is the taste of fruits, strawberries, and berries. Frequently, the Ukrainian women add some cinnamon, citric acid or honey in order to enhance the beverage’s taste. Uzvar consists of plenty of vitamins. It is what you do need in summer. This beverage is served cold in a scorching summer to avert a trace of thirst. Moreover, it may be served hot, if you want. Uzvar is a perfect idea for different picnics, festivals and so on.


If you want to taste something new, we advise you to start with the Ukrainian desserts. You may ask: “Why Ukrainian cuisine?” Such a good unusual taste is peculiar to this country only. Some desserts will surprise you with their pleasant melting effect. Others will make your mouse water with every bite. The flavor of every dessert deserves special attention.  So, try at least one of the presented Ukrainian desserts and make your own mind.