Best Countries for Spicy Food Lovers

We can find a variety of unique and impressive food cultures in the world we live in. Therefore, it is important to take a look at these food cultures and figure out the unique differences that exist between them. That’s where you will come across the countries with the spiciest food. If you are a person who wants to try out spicy food for a change, you can think about visiting these countries.

Which country has the spiciest food? For this article, a small research on the food cultures that exist in the world was done. With that, this article includes a list of countries where people eat the spiciest food. Check whether your country is there in the list or the country that you are planning to visit in the upcoming vacation is there.

thailand food


If you have ever been to a Thai restaurant, you must have enjoyed the spiciest cuisine. People in Thailand prefer to consume spicy food. Therefore, you will be able to find restaurants that offer authentic Thai spicy food in every corner of the country as well. Some of the most popular spicy food items that you will be able to experience during the time you spend in Thailand include of beef fried with herbs and chills, nuea phat phrik and phat phrik khing. Chilies are being used in large volumes to prepare these dishes. In addition, ginger is also added by the chefs in Thailand to enhance the flavor. You can even find spicy non-Thai food in the restaurants that you can find in Thailand.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a small island, which is located below India. This island has got a rich culture. Its culture has influenced the foods that people in Sri Lanka produce. If you take a closer look at the authentic Sri Lanka dishes, you will be able to find both spicy and sweet foods. In fact, Sri Lanka can be added to the list of countries with spicy food without keeping any doubts in mind.

Kottu can be considered as one of the most popular foods that you can find in Sri Lanka. It is pretty much similar to fried rice but is made out of shredded roti. A lot of spices are being added to the Kottu to make it spicy. In addition, people in Sri Lanka are blessed with a lot of indigenous rice types as well. Some of these rice types are known to deliver a spicy flavor. On the other hand, people go ahead and prepare spicy curries. In fact, spices are being added to all the curries that are being prepared by the people in Sri Lanka.

sri lanka food
mexican food


If you take a look at the foods served in Mexico, you will figure out that chilies are a basic ingredient. Therefore, you can go ahead and include Mexico into the list of countries with spicy food without having any second thoughts in mind. People in Mexico prefer to go ahead and sprinkle Chile powder on the top of fruits as well. Therefore, you should be careful when you consume sweet fruits, such as pineapple and mangoes, when you will spend time in Mexico.

In the Mexican dishes, Chilies are being used in order to bring out the primary flavor. A large number of Chiles are being used to get this job done. Serrano, Poblano, ancho, and habanero are some of the Chiles that are being used by Mexican chefs. If you are a person who has a thing for spicy food, you are strongly encouraged to visit Mexico and enjoy the dishes that are made out of these different spices. Then you will be able to get a unique and a one of a kind experience, which you would love.


We are adding another option to the list of countries with spiciest foods in South East Asia because the people who live in this region love to go ahead and enjoy spicy foods. The most popular food that you can find among the people in Malaysia is named “otak-otak”. It is a kind of fish cake, which is being made with a variety of spicy ingredients, such as garlic, chilies, fish paste, lemongrass, turmeric, and shallots. In addition, coconut milk is also being added to enhance the overall flavor offered by the dish. This food is popular among people who live in all parts of Malaysia.

Laksa can also be considered as another popular food that you can find among the people in Malaysia. This is a noodle soup, which is made with the assistance of spicy ingredients. If you are interested in experiencing the spiciest foods in Malaysia, you are strongly encouraged to visit the capital, Kuala Lumpur.

malaysian food
indian food


India should definitely come into the list of countries, where spicy food is being served for the people. In India, Chile Spice is being called as Mirch. It is strongly attached to the culture of India as well. Therefore, you will be able to see a lot of promotional and advertising campaigns, where the word “Mirch” is being used to highlight something exciting and appealing.


Out of the spicy curries that you can find in India, Vindaloo has received a lot of attention. This is a spicy curry originated from Goa. In addition, Laal Mass, which was originated from Rajasthan, can also be considered as a perfect example for one of the spiciest foods consumed by the people in the country. In general, spices are being added to almost all the dishes in India, especially in the Southern region of the country.