All About Polish Nalewka

Nalewka is a traditional Polish drink. The beginning of the autumn is the period when the women in Poland began to make nalewka. This is a so-called liqueur. Everyone likes to taste this delicious drink. Besides, this drink is very popular not only in Poland. This type of drink is widely popular in other countries too. Nalewka tastes especially delicious in winter. It can warm your body and soul in the cold wintertime.

This is known that nalewka is a dessert type of alcohol. But it does not mean that only women like to drink that. This is a good beverage for both woman and man. A lot of men even like nalewka more than traditional vodka. Usually, it contains 40 or 45% of alcohol. But if you make nalewka at home the percent of alcohol depends on you.

How to Make Nalewka in the Right Way?

There are a lot of different types of nalewka. Due to this fact, there are many recipes for nalewka. Two methods of the nalewka preparation are the most known. The first method is the most popular. You need to pour spirit or vodka over fruits. Then you need to leave that for six weeks. Many people think that nalewka which is made with vodka is more delicious. But such nalewka contains only 20-25 % of alcohol. You can add vanilla, cinnamon, clove, sugar, and lemon or lime peel to your nalewka. Besides, you can choose any other spices which you like. Then you need to wait for several weeks.

The second method of the preparation is simpler. You just need to mix the fruits, alcohol, spices, and sugar and leave it for 60 days. If you like the honey you can add a little honey too. As you can see, the preparation of nalewka is not a very difficult task. But it takes a lot of time.

Usually, people drink nalewka from small glasses. Accordingly, to Polish traditions people should drink nalewka after meat dishes though this is a dessert type of alcohol. But nowadays people drink nalewka how they want and where they want.

What are the Most Popular Types of Nalewka?

Nalewka Tarninówka is very popular in Poland because this type of nalewka is named after the town. This town is located not far from Krakow. This is called Tarnów. This is made with sloe berries. If you decide to visit Poland, you’ll need to taste this nalewka.

Cherry nalewka tastes delicious too. Traditionally this type of liqueur is made with Morello cherries. This is a very special type of cherries. Such type of cherries is not very sweet but it tastes delicious. A lot of people use them to decorate a cake or an ice-cream. Besides, you can also add them to the cake not only like decorations. Morello cherries are dark red-skinned. Sometimes they even can be almost black. Moreover, cherry nalewka can be made with usual sour cherry. This is not difficult to make that nalewka. You just need very carefully mix sugar and cherries. After that pour spirit or vodka over cherries. You need to leave it for 3 months at room temperature. Keep in mind that cherries are so delicious. There is no need to throw them away. You can use them in a cake, an ice-cream or on other desserts.

You need to taste honey nalewka. This is nalewka which is made with honey, lemons or limes and spices. The recipe of nalewka is simple and similar to the previous ones. If you like apples or others fruits you can add them to nalewka too. But the main ingredient is honey. If you like very sweet nalewka you need a lot of honey. There are a lot of people which do not like very sweet drinks. In this case, you need a little honey. You can add lemons or limes too. You can use all spices which you just like for example cinnamon, vanilla, clove, and others. Besides, honey nalewka can be served both chilled and heated. Of course, you’ll probably decide to try heated nalewka in the wintertime. In the summertime, people prefer chilled honey liqueur. Besides, it tastes very delicious with dark or milk chocolate.

People like to make apricot nalewka in the summertime because this is the time when apricots are available to everyone. This is very delicious and sweet nalewka. You can use honey instead of sugar. It makes your nalewka perfect. Besides, spices play a very important role in this nalewka. It tastes good both in summer and winter.

Nalewka is a suitable drink for any celebration. This is a good choice for a wedding or birthday party. If you know there are a lot of different types of liqueurs. You can choose what you like. Honey nalewka at a wedding or birthday party in the wintertime is a wonderful choice. Moreover, this is a good choice for a romantic dinner. It makes your date sweeter and more unforgettable. This is a nice solution for a business lunch. It creates a friendly atmosphere and relaxes you and your business partner. But keep in mind that nalewka accordingly to Polish traditions is served with meat dishes. It makes your dinner or supper more delicious.

If you do not have the opportunity to make nalewka at home do not worry. You can buy it in a shop. A big variety of liqueurs is available in shops. This is not so expensive so almost every person can buy it. Nalewka is a delicious drink and it is worth to taste. If you are in Poland you are just obligated to taste it.


So, this is very easy to make good nalewka. You can make a liqueur at home or just buy in a shop. Nowadays you can find nalewka almost in every shop and choose one what you like. Do not forget that this drink is a wonderful choice for any celebration.