The catchy label is the thing that may attract customersattention. Nowadays brands aim to stay out of the ordinary, and it is not an easy task. Of course, in this article, we are going to dwell on the helpful tips to create a perfect label. Top 7 tips on how to design a product label here. Read it to the very end!

Keep in mind, every product label should contain key information such as:

  • the product name
  • brand logo, or a logo of a company that distributes the particular product;
  • general notions about the product origin, its size, quantity, and the list of ingredients;
  • short product description and direction for use.

Follow these tips to take your product label to the next level.

  • Keep it short and readable

The thing is, simplicity is the key to the customer’s hearts. Make your product label as simple as possible, because the client came for a specific purpose and all you need is to show him the information he is looking for. And remember a golden rulewhen in doubt, cut it out”.

  • Use color wisely

Focus on choosing the right color for your brand. It is essential to use colors that are easily associated with the product. For instance, white is for medical purposes, green for ecofriendly products, red for aggressive or spicy food. Communicate with the customers that way to make their shopping experience better.

  • Find something unique

Uniqueness is the key point to success. If you find a unique feature of your product, then it will definitely become interesting to the customers. Something new is always interesting and all you need is to match the quality with its look.

  • Use the readable font

The first impression of your product depends on the product font. So, make it easy to read and do not use too many typographic pairing. An optimal amount of typographical painting should be no more than 2 or 3. And pay attention to the actual size of your font. If the letters are too small, it could be impossible for a viewer to recognize it.

  • Pay attention to the quality of the prints

Prints should stand out of the other productslabels prints. For this, it is important to use only quality prints with protection against moisture. By the way, some companies print their labels directly on the glass or a plastic package. This gives the impression of a premium quality product.

  • Pick a non-standard shape

Modern society is fed up with the circle or square product labels. Think about an unusual shape and it would bring more attention from the public. But still, if the shape does not fit with the product you put inside, then it is better to stick to the traditional look.

  • Do the target market research

It may happen, that the product label you want to improve has already had immense popularity and is recognized thanks to the branded font or the color combination. This way, all you need is only to refresh the design a bit.