4 Facts About Borsch

Most of the people may not know what borsch is. So, borsch is as sour soup which is very popular among people in Western Europe. The variety of the borsch is commonly associated with the Ukraine origin and beetroot is the most important and major ingredient which is being used in the making of borsch. The distinguished red color of the Ukraine borsch is also due to the beetroot. It is one of the most popular sour soup as compared to the other sour soups, which are even being cooked without beetroot.

Borsch History

Borsch is basically a developed form of an ancient soup which was being made with the pickled leaves, stems, and umbels of common hogweed which is a herbaceous plant and being grown in damp meadows. With the passage of time, this soup has developed into a variety of tart soup, from which the beetroot based red sour soup has become the most popular among the people. Commonly it is made by a unique combination of bone stock and meat with the mixing of sautéed vegetables most majorly beetroot and other than beetroot mostly cabbage, onion, potato, tomato, and carrots are being used after sautéing.

In different recipes of borsch, fish and meat are also being used as a major ingredient. However, for the people who are pure vegetarians, it is cooked with the pure vegetables too to serve them with the best taste.

Borsch can be served either cold or hot and can be used as a smooth drink or a one-port meal to clear the soup. The most common serving of borsch you may find is with sour cream or smetana, potatoes or hard-boiled eggs. But at some places, you may get an offer to select any of your favorite garnishing or any side dish for the borsch from the plenty of available options, for example, pampushky or uszka which you can get with this source soup.

The popularity of borsch has been spread throughout Russia and Eastern Europe and to some other countries too by the way of migration. In North America, borsch is commonly being associated with either Mennonites or jews, it is because these are the groups who bought borsch from Europe to North America for the very first time. A lot of ethnic groups are claiming borsch in its variety of local appearances as their national dish which is being consumed commonly as a part of their ceremonial meals within the Roman catholic, Greek catholic, Jewish and Eastern orthodox religious tradition.

Interesting Facts About Borsch To Know

Borsch soup is one of the most amazing sour soup, which comes in beautiful red color to pour the mouths with water of everyone. Most of the people claim the borsch as their national dish but in fact, this amazing red sour soup is originated from the southeastern region of Ukraine and western regions of Russia. From these regions, this delicious sour soup was migrated to the south region and then spread with time to the other regions and even out of Russia too. Now borsch is being consumed at different places all around the world.

The other facts, which are interesting to know about borsch, are given below:

  1. Potatoes and tomatoes began being added to borsch in the 19th century
  2. Every housewife has her own borsch recipe
  3. Beets are cooked separately
  4. A special flavor of borsch comes from garlic and bacon

Potatoes And Tomatoes Began Being Added To Borsch In The 19th Century

Before the 19th century, the major ingredients, which were being used in the making of the borsch soup, was cabbage, beetroot, meat (beef, chicken or fish), herbs, onion, and carrots. But in the 19th history with the arrival of the potatoes, chefs think to give the borsch soup a new taste and for this, they added potatoes in the making of the delicious red sour soup. Potatoes are being used by cutting in into strips or cubes. After some time, tomatoes are also begun to add in the making of borsch soup to give this soup a bit sourer taste with red color to maintain its amazing bright red color.

Every Housewife Has Her Own Borsch Recipe

When it comes to how to make borsch, it is being believed that any standard recipe of borsch coup does not exist actually. You may taste borsch differently every time you are going to take that depending on the fact who made that. It is because every housewife has her own specific recipe to cook borsch. However, you may find some traditional tastes according to the specifications of borsch in a different region.

Beets Are Cooked Separately

To maintain the bright red color of the beetroot, these are being cooked separately. They are being cut in some specific shapes and then sautéed for some time and then being added to the soup. Although other ingredients are also prepared in the same way. To sauté the vegetables to the time all the vegetables got a uniform color is important in the making of borsch.

A Special Flavor Of Borsch Comes From Garlic And Bacon

To get a homogeneous mass for borsch, you have to grind the bacon fat in a small mortar with a mixture of garlic. This mass will be added in the borsch soup a few minutes before the finishing of cooking. Then the dish will be covered for 30 minutes to get a special flavor of borsch soup.


Borsch soup is being considered one of the most important cuisines of different regions. According to different experts, the original base of this delicious and amazing red sour soup was the cow parsnip and borsch is basically a Russian word which means cow parsnip. But today borsch is known as a beetroot soup which is being made with a mixture of different vegetables and meat or fish. Although there come a variety and change in the ingredients of borsch sour cream and beetroot are the unreplaceable ingredients of this amazing dish.