10 Souvenirs You Can Only Buy in Ukraine

Whenever you are going to visit any new place you definitely plan to bring some unique things from there with you as a memory or as the best gifts for your family or friends to let them feel special. Some of the people used to buy the souvenirs of the visited places as a memory of the county they have visited but others may love to buy the souvenirs to present them as a gift to their friends or family members.

10 Best Souvenirs to Buy In Ukraine

To choose the best Ukraine souvenirs can be one of the most hectic jobs to do in the case if you are unaware of the special souvenirs that you can find as the best Ukrainian gifts. To find something memorable and special we have a list of the best Ukrainian gift ideas that you can easily avail if you are thinking about to buy Ukrainian special to bring back with you.

  1. Chocolate and sweets
  2. Salo
  3. Honey
  4. Horilka
  5. Pysanka
  6. Kiev cake
  7. Didukh
  8. Vyshyvanka
  9. Vinok
  10. Bulawa

Chocolate and Sweets

Chocolates and sweets of any other place are always the most preferable option to buy as a gift. You can find the best chocolates in Ukraine to gift that to your loved ones to make them feel sweet and special. Chocolates and sweets are able to perform miracles. Ukraine is one of the well-known places for its delicious sweets. When it comes to the LVIV chocolate of Ukraine then you can never find any other best option to avail. It is because all these chocolates are handmade which are being made with a lot of care to give the best taste to them which you can enjoy a lot. All of these chocolates are being made with care by the skilled persons. A traditional technology for the production of chocolates is being used from the old times. And this is the main reason behind why these chocolates are being loved the most and have the ability to do magic.


Salo is a pork fat product which is primarily associated with Ukraine. Most of the people love to consume it with pickles and rye bread to get a smooth taste. If you are fond of new tastes or you want to introduce a new and delicious thing to your friends then you must try salo for the best experience. Once you are going to taste salo you will definitely want to bring it with you to your hometown to enjoy the best food again and again.



Honey is known as support of Ukraine culture. Ukraine’s region Poltava is known the best for the bee farming and the honey of Poltava is known the best around the world and stands out in the crowd because of its unique taste.


In Ukraine horilka is being produced since the 16th to 18th century from the era of Zaporozhye Sich. This is also known as one of the best traditional drink of Ukraine whose composition is quite simple. It is basically a solution of water and ethyl alcohol (commonly 40% ethyl alcohol and 60% water). A major difference which you can find in horilka and vodka is that the horilka has a taste of pepper which can give your mouth and entire body a burn effect. With the addition of pepper, in some recipes, honey is also being used as an additional ingredient to give the horilka a soft taste and to eliminate the smell of alcohol. It is known as one of the purest drinks all around the world. And it can be the best Ukrainian Christmas gifts too, it is because it can be the best pair up with any feast or event easily.



Pysanka is basically painted eggs of Easter which are known as an ancient symbol of Ukraine. Pysanka is being considered as an attribute of love, life and the sun since pagan times. Locals love to devote their tradition and still appreciating the decoration of the Easter eggs to the professionals. This painting job is a tough job which requires a lot of concentration and patience and enough knowledge of the image that they want to depict on the Easter eggs. You can get more than 100 symbolic designs which are known as the masterpieces of arts and come from different regions.

Kiev cake

You may have heard about the amazing Kiev cake before. But it can be the most preferable souvenir to bring from Ukraine. So, whenever visit Ukraine must grab a Kiev cake for your family.



Didukh is also known as kolyada and known as a symbol of harvest, spiritual life and wealth of nation and can be a unique option to gift someone.


Ukraine is the only country which has developed its traditional costumes to a new level. You can get the best dresses with embroidery which are still being worn by the Ukrainians gladly. To buy vyshyvanka will be an exclusive gift for anyone.



Vinok is a floral wreath which is a part of the national costume of Ukraine. You can find these floral crowns with a number of colorful ribbons as the best gift for someone. A full wreath is made of 12 flowers which can be single-color or multicolor.


In Ukraine, bulawa are known as the symbol of authority and power. It may have a handle made of metal or wood and a weapon of Cossacks. It has a head of the ball shape and at present time it is being presented to the strong persons and to the president at the time of inauguration.



If you are planning a visit to Ukraine then you must know about what is Ukraine known for, to get the best gifts from Ukraine for your loved ones to make them happy. There are a lot of Ukraine souvenirs options that you can buy as traditional Ukrainian gifts to remember your visit for a long period of time.