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Notes Of Nostalgia

If it has seemed almost impossible to buy and taste something delicious relating to Ukrainian and Polish food in the US earlier, then nowadays we present you such a luxurious opportunity.

For you to know our store offers the immense diversity of Eastern European food so there is a big chance that you will find something right up for your particular taste. Only fresh and extremely yummy goods are available for the selling in order to provide your guaranteed satisfaction.

Stay tuned to keep an eye on a lot of new arrivals which will impress you bringing the pleasant notes of nostalgia or vice versa they will open the awesome world of the unknown tastes.

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Most Popular Ukrainian and Polish Products

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Ukrainian Smoked Meat

Have you ever tried Ukrainian smoked meat? Unforgettable taste and satisfaction guaranteed.

Buy Smoked Sausage

Ukrainian Borscht

Borscht is well-known in Ukrainian cuisine. Its popularity has already spread all over the globe.

Buy Red Borscht

Polish Zurek

It is one of the tastiest Polish soups. If you try Zurek, its taste will always stay with you.

Buy Zurek Soup

Ukrainian Perogies

If you want to know more about Ukrainian cuisine, you should try Ukrainian perogies (varenyky). Various stuffing is offered.

Buy Perogies

Ukrainian Pelmeni

Ukrainian Pelmeni is what a lot of people are searching for. It will be difficult to resist your desire and do not taste this food again.

Buy Beef Pelmeni

Polish Chocolates And Sweets

Polish chocolates and sweets are so delicious that it will be difficult to say “no” to them.

Buy Cookies and Sweets

Ukrainian Grocery Store:

The peculiar features and recipes of Ukrainian cuisine have been forming over centuries. Its climate conditions, neighboring countries, rich soils and hard-working habitants have influenced the formation as well as complexity of the dishes. Ukrainian food impresses everyone with its charm and unforgettable taste. Ukrainian dishes use a number of ingredients. A mix of various species makes a great and tasty dish. A well-known Ukrainian borsch with garlic slices and up to 20 ingredients is a staple dish of every Ukrainian family. Made with love and care it will never leave you apathetic to the Ukrainian cuisine. Tasty dumplings or varenyky is what also deserves your attention. They are easy to make but difficult to resist. Pierogies dough is simple to make.  Stuffing can be various: from mashed potatoes to cheese.  Both with borsch these 2 dishes are the Ukrainian’s food of choice in sickness and in health. European Specialties has improved what was previously unreal. Now we are offering an online Ukrainian grocery store, which includes a wide choice of Ukrainian products. We offer a brief selection of Ukrainian food online to everyone who wants to try something new and diversify his/her daily ration. With European Specialties, it is easy to order Ukrainian food and to learn more about its unique cuisine. If you want to try something new and tasty or acquaint yourself with Ukrainian culture through its delicious cuisine – Syracuse Grocery Store is ready to put various culinary tastes and desires into practice. Be sure, you’ll get unforgettable experience, provided by a wide selection of Ukrainian well-known products, offered by Syracuse grocery store in NY. Take a minute to learn more details what Ukrainian food you can buy in our online grocery store.

Polish Grocery Store:

Poland has a unique and luxurious cuisine. Every self-respecting foodie should try Polish food to be more acquainted with its great culture. Traditional Polish food is a real bomb of calories, but if you try, it will be difficult to resist your temptation to try it again. It is rich in various kinds of meat as well as is famous for its delicious sausages. Polish dumplings, made with thin dough, may be filled with a variety of stuffing: from meat to mushrooms or even season fruit. Pierogi is a Polish dish, served as a Christmas traditional dish. Have you ever heard about Zurek? Of course, you did. It’s a well-known Polish soup, which is appreciated and well-recognized all over the world. If we talk about good soup, the competitor to Zurek may be only “white borscht” (a related soup with slightly different ingredients). European Specialties offers a great selection of polish food online. We represent a Polish grocery store online. It includes the most well-known products highly appreciated and recognized all over the globe. Trying once, — if you want to order Polish products Syracuse grocery store is glad to be your primary source, offering a wide assortment of food to buy — it will be difficult to resists the next time. Are you interested? Read a list of products and do not miss the opportunity to try new arrivals which will significantly extend the assortment of our grocery store.

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Stay tuned to keep an eye on a lot of new arrivals which will impress you.