Black Tea – Gold Collection

A blend of tea which includes a thick golden texture and strong liquor.

Black Tea – Silver Collection

The best of relevant tea grades which gives a liquor of thick texture and strong taste

Black Tea – Platinum Collection

A blend of finest smooth teas which gives a rich flavour with a hint of Earl Grey

Black Tea – Premium Collection

A brew of strong aroma and strength – Grade of BOPF.

Black Tea – Classic Collection

Black Tea – Blue Amethyst

A blend of finest Pekoe grade which gives a liquor of thick texture and strong taste

Black Tea – Purple Alexandrite

An exclusive selection of A grade OP which gives a liquor of mild and delicate taste

Black Tea – Red Garnet

A fine blend of AA grade BOP which gives a liquor of fine texture and a refreshing taste

Black Tea – Pink Garnet

A blend of BOP1 A grade which gives a liquor that has a balanced flavour of high and low grown tea

Black Tea – Brown Gold

A fine collection of FBOP grade which gives a smooth liquor with rich aroma and light colour.

Black Tea – Yellow Gold

CTC manufactured blend of grades which gives a strong liquor and thick texture

Black Tea – Pyramid Tea Bags

Premium quality pure Ceylon tea which gives a very strong liquor and smooth aroma

Ceylon-Black-Tea-Pyramid Tea Bags

Lemon, Raspberry, Apple, Strawberry, Black Currant, Grape, Wild Berries, Mixed Fruit, Tropical Fruit, Cherry, Peach, Earl Grey and Caramel flavours