Chocolate glazed candies “Kuznechik” (“Grasshopper”) / waffle with fruit and roasted nut filling

Roshen – Barberries

Red sugar candies with barberries aroma

Roshen – Beem-Bom

Aired lollipop caramelle.

Roshen – Capri

Butter toffee with a taste of condensed milk

Roshen – Mint

Sugar candies with mint aroma.

Roshen – Duchess

Green sugar candies with pear aroma.

Roshen – Rachki

Caramels with chocolate and nut filling.

Roshen – Record-mix

Caramel in chocolate coating.

Roshen – Milk Drop

Milk hard candies with milk filling.

Roshen Shipuchka Lemonade

Hard candy with sparkling lemonade filling.

Roshen Shipuchka Orange

Hard candy with fizzy orange filling.

Roshen Shipuchka Sitro

Red sugar candies with barberries aroma.

Roshen – “Eclair”

Caramelle with chocolate filling.