Chernogolovka Extra – Sitro

Chernogolovka Krem-Soda

Chernogolovka Sayanu

Chernogolovka Tarhun


Guarana 2L


Rosinka Buratino

Rosinka Dushes

French “duchesse” is a beautiful name of a drink with a pear taste and aroma. Rosinka Dyushes is very special – it contains Echinacea which is good for health. So it is your really refined choice!

Rosinka Limonad

The master of hearts and tastes – Lymonad traditionally takes first place among Rosinka sweet carbonated soft drinks. Moreover sunny tonic Rosinka Lymonad is useful as it contains Echinacea.

Rosinka Sitro

Mix of joyful taste of oranges and lemons with natural Echinacea quenches thirst and cheers up. Look, you are in the limelight – everyone demands his sweet sip!

Rosinka Tarhun

Today it is as tasty as many years ago. Tarkhun’s original color and distinctive herbal flavor are easy to recognize – it is all because of tarragon (or tarkhun as it is called in Georgia, the country it is originated from).